Despite his protestations, Owen Jones has taken sides.
Kate Buffery

Interesting — I posted this to a friend in Australia who had read his blog.

I’ve been a bit perplexed by his profile recently. He stormed out of an TV interview on the Orlando shootings because he accused everyone of not accepting the attack was one of homophobia. One of the critiques he made to Corbyn in a recent interview was there were no campaigns (in the context of meetings being banned I thought this was a bit naive especially as Momentum that does continue to hold meetings is characterised as a group of trot thugs) and I posted my email to region complaining that local issues have been silenced because of this. When someone writes pages and pages of what they think needs doing and justifies their views by talking about their background etc I get very uncomfortable. He is young and of limited and narrow experience to believe he has such influence. This has come about because he wrote some very good books (e.g. ‘Chavs’) and because he is personable he was very quickly pushed into a media and public profile as the self-appointed spokesperson of the left. His knowledge is very much Westminster-based and yes he has some useful contributions to make but these would be better made in a less emotional and self-justifying way. In the context of the last 10 months I am surprised Corbyn and McDonnell have achieved as much as they have. Anyone who has ever had any responsibility for practical issues involving people knows how difficult and demanding this is. Also they have remained on task and not been deflected into emotional self-justification despite the appalling attacks thrown at them. This is where maturity and experience win out and, as whatever happens we are in for the long-haul, I have more confidence in their approach than in hysteria and predictions of armageddon.


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