There’s no question that technology has improved. We’ve seen how it has evolved over the past decades and how it has changed the way we work, we play and especially how we communicate with each other. Today, we can just simply fire off a text or an email instead of meeting people face to face. We can just simply ring a person who is miles away to say “Hi” instead of writing a carefully thought-out-letter on a scented stationery.

Everything has changed. And this radical change fears me somehow. When technology is making everything, including marketing, very much easy and convenient, my fear is that we might forget the “personal touch” already.

“Personal touch” is an element or feature contributed by someone to make something less impersonal. I just googled this definition by the way. Hmmmp.

Okay, so do we still have this personal touch in our business? Do we still make an effort to engage with our customers? I’m not telling you that personal touch only happens when you meet people face to face. It’s all about personalization. It’s about putting a human touch and feeling on anything that you share with your audience.

When it comes to business, or to any kind of thing I guess, a little personalization can go a long way. If we want our service, product, brochure, content, proposal, or video, etc. get the attention it deserves, then we must invest our time in personalizing it. How?

You might find these tips below helpful:

Communicate in a language that your audience can relate to. You don’t always have to use highfalutin words or to be very technical when communicating for you to become an expert. You just need to be clear and sincere with your words. Speak in a way that it is easily understood. Speak to express and not to impress.
Make use of social media. Technology is not bad after all. Why don’t you take advantage of the accessibility and the power of social media? You can communicate your brand message directly to your customers. You can also ask for their feedback about your service using Facebook chat or engage them in a conversion thru tweets or LinkedIn Message. The idea here is that, you can get in touch if you want to.

Share your own story/your own company’s story. Experience is the best teacher they say. This is also true in business. The best advice/strategy we can give others is the one that we took and tried ourselves. Sharing our story for me is one way of telling them that we truly care and we only want the best for them because we share what we have tested and proven ourselves.

There are a lot more ways we can do to personalize our business. But all I want for you to keep in mind is that we don’t deal with things or robots, we deal with human beings. We need to be humans as well when communicating with them, may it be in our content or in any of our marketing initiatives.