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I was there last night, and heard the pitch — like most people in the room I was really impressed with the energy and enthusiasm; and liked the idea generally (indeed, the pitch was voted #2 for the night, with a high degree of interest).

While there was a degree of naivety around some of the responses to questions, that’s not unusual for an aggressive young entrepreneur, and certainly not fatal to success.

However, like a number of prospective investors, I found off putting the number of name dropping segues (even if you are on a first name basis with a number of globally famous investors, and Jonathan Ive from Apple, do we need to have them referenced as Marc, and Jon, etc, without any real context…?)).

It didn’t seem to tell me anything about the product, the team or the proposed development, it just seemed to be someone attempting to big note himself…. As I said in my written feedback on the night “Stop name dropping… They’re good reference points, work out a way to do it elegantly …”. Seems to me to be a reasonable word of advice to a young entrepreneur, to help gain empathy from an audience and not distract from what was a solid core message…