Having a process part 1 — Getting answers from the client before starting development

When I start a new demo Ionic project I usually hit the Ionic Cli, select the type of the app and then get coding. But this is fine for demo apps, when it comes to a client app or my own apps (ones I plan to release to the app stores) there needs to be more of a process.

I recently listened to an episode of the Clients from Hell podcast, the episode featured Laura Elizabeth, a UK based designer. In this episode, Laura was talking about an app she has created called Client Portal, which she created after her experiences working in agency’s she saw that the reason clients came to these large agency’s was that they can wine and dine a client, something a freelancer can’t do.

So she created the Client Portal in order to manage a process with the client to show a more professional approach to a project. To understand more about Client Portal check out the How It Works video from Laura.

This episode of Clients from Hell made me think about my process when starting a new project. As well as asking a client what an app they want is about, what they want it to do and what their budget is. There are other questions that need to be answered before the development of the app can begin.

So I’m currently starting to think about my process. Things I’m thinking about formalising in this process, questions I’d have for the client and things I’d require before development will start.

Examples of these questions include:

  • Is the app for a certain platform or a list of platforms
  • Is there an API that provides the data for the app?
  • If so, is this in place and accessible?
  • Who’s developing the API?
  • How do I contact the API team?
  • Who is the decision-maker for the app, so I know who to go to when I decisions to be made?
  • What about the designs are they complete?
  • Do the designs represent the app on all platforms that the app should be developed for?
  • How will the designs be shared?

Having answers to these questions helps give the client the confidence that you are more professional. If you have to keep going back to the client asking for designs or login details to back end systems, the client made not have confidence in you. You want to look professional, so have a good solid process in place is so important.

For me, as I said I am working on defining my processes for how I’d build an app, not only for clients but also my own.

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