The Angular 2018 Developer Survey

Recently Stephen Fluin announced a developer survey for Angular. It’s a pretty short survey, but worth taking part in.

The main question that the survey is asking is what order of importance do developers see these things

  • Tooling
  • Documentation
  • Ease of Updates
  • New Features
  • Initial Load Performance
  • Runtime Performance

I personally think that the initial load and runtime performance are the top two most important features of Angular. The reason for this is clients who want someone to develop an app for them, all they are concerned with is that the application starts quickly and runs fast, which Angular does, but I think the Angular team should focus on getting the load performance of Angular as fast as it can be.

Another question that the survey asks is ‘How else should we improve Angular for you?’. For this, I put that I think the Angular team should focus on showing developers best practices. Now we know the basics Angular now we need to know how to build really good quality, fast applications.

One thing that did come out of AngularConnect this year, was that the Angular team are now focusing on this skill gap. With more talks on advanced concepts of Angular, like pre-rendering, PWAs and performance gains. It’s going to be interesting to see what else the team do over the next few months. Hopefully the feedback on this survey will be published along with what the Angular team plan to do based on the results of the survey.

Originally published at CGCSoftware .