Love — An Epiphany about a Name and Music & Social Good!

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As I’ve written about previously (here and here), …Socially Driven Music is a proprietary, “Full Stack,” Internet-Based, worldwide system for the discovery, cultivation, marketing, distribution, and monetization and administration of music artists, song and recording copyrights. SDM’s core purpose is procuring and bringing value to copyrights.

We developed Socially Driven Music as a solution to the music industry’s antiquated ways. It is an exceptionally artist-centric endeavor which cultivates and monetizes artists and songwriters. SDM creates value for copyrights through a diverse system of centralized social media (SRP platform utilization), advanced messaging (e.g., Slack), customer relationship management (CRM) and sophisticated analytics. Focusing on both wholly untapped and burgeoning distribution sources (e.g., Virtual Reality) and proprietary licensing methodology, it administrates revenue and royalties transparently, and in as close to real-time as technically feasible.

The social media and elegant, multi-directional Fan-Musicpreneur-Mentor-Artist & Songwriter funnel model would seem to suggest the logical company name of Socially Driven Music. But there’s more to it than that. SDM is determined to contribute “social good” daily on a large, universal scale. Its methods include a reverse engineering of customary music marketing that encourages fans to entice artists, rather than the typical other way around. At the center of this strategy are fan playlists (including remixes) based upon any social cause of their choosing that will mutually resonate with their targeted artists. The artists and songwriters, whether local emerging acts or established, are compelled to follow and contribute to these playlists. This results in expansion of their audiences from within the shared cause and into the exponential other opportunities SDM, with the new devotees, will take them.

As a company founding precept, SDM believes that most people have an innate curiosity about exploring diverse interests, although with a purpose influencing and bridging that about which they are most passionate. We also subscribe to the theory that all pursuits can be linked by music more effectively than by any other connector. It’s also a given that one of the subjects most often expressed in music is love.

So, after many iterations of the SDM model, the epiphany is that it’s little wonder that this company founder’s interest in driving social good (advocating for patient and senior care from experience, preventing animal abuse, anti-terrorism, etc.) would be the purpose that someone with the last name of Love might have been meant to pursue all along. Music is the passion and the vehicle…and Love is the objective and destination. Turns out that Socially Driven Music is truly a labor of Love.

We really needn’t be reminded of the omnipresent, firehose of overt and subtle expressions of love, but — maybe for the relatively few curmudgeons— we recently saw the “Love Heals” overarching theme of CNN’s 2016 Heroes Awards (dog lovers, check out Muttville!), are deluged with Subaru’s “Love Promise” marketing campaign of giving, and constantly find posts such as one about Arianna Huffington’s nurturing new “Thrive Global” venture, and a caring piece in the Wall Street Journal about patient advocacy by Laura Landro, among other affirmations of the emotion. All articulations of the same universal theme of the satisfaction derived through sharing love.

Socially Driven Music is now inviting any charity or social good cause to contact us. Be added to the list of organizations that local fans will be encouraged to promote through the creation of playlists, comprised of local and established artists, directly or indirectly infused with the theme of their selected cause. Fans can already begin to join us and select any cause now on the SDM Landing Page. Keep in mind that some fans can become Musicpreneurs and work with SDM to develop local talent through its revenue-sharing plan. Those who are interested, and music industry luminaries who want to know more about our revenue-sharing Mentor program, can also email us.

Stephen C. Love, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and President, Socially Driven Music, was one of the co-architects of the legendary ATV Music Group (publishers of the Lennon-McCartney catalogue), where he served as Executive Vice President, Worldwide. His career includes EVP Music, Worldwide, at Carolco Pictures, All American Television and Pearson Television (Fremantle). Long considered a big thinker and visionary, he has extensive experience in international music publishing creative, royalties and overall administration, Film and TV supervision, and negotiation of composer, artist and soundtrack agreements for dozens of productions, as well as being adept at negotiation of all synchronization and master use licenses. SDM is a labor of love (pun intended) to transform the music industry for the benefit of music creators, while motivating social good along the way.

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