Mick Jagger Illuminates the Urgency of Socially Driven Music

Jagger’s remarks on September 7th, 2019 at the Venice Film Festival illustrate the timeliness of the SDM business model.

It’s no surprise that Woodstock 50, the intended celebration of the iconic music festival’s anniversary scheduled for the summer of 2019, fizzled before it started. With all due homage to the honored, respected organizers, this time they overlooked the fundamental motivation for the overwhelming excitement of the 1969 festival phenomenon — the shared socio-political passion about coming together to positively impact the world.

“Come Together” billboard in New York City
“Come Together” billboard in New York City
Photo by Donn Strain on Unsplash

Think about the seismic impact of songs that have empowered generations to take action for causes that impassioned them. Now consider the urgency of extending this tradition more consistently than occasionally and following the lead of storied legacy artists and some of our contemporay artists who have picked up and carry the mantle. Here’s a playlist of just a few (65, to be exact) of the powerful past and current calls-to-action, followed by our exhortation to today’s artists and songwriters to be inspired and embrace and parlay this vitally important heritage by creating new socially poignant music or imaginatively covering past gems (offer your song ideas on the Socially Driven Music Facebook Page and/or Instagram and/or Twitter) — with the #MusicThatMatters or #SociallyDrivenMusic hashtags — to be added to our playlist.

While all the songs on this playlist are masterpieces, it is Paul Simon’s prescient “American Tune” (1975) that still connects so powerfully, relevantly and viscerally, resonating through every fiber of the thinking listener affected by the cross-section of current issues in America forty-five years later.

Socially Driven Music (SDM) suggests that as we approach the 2020 election year, our world demands activism on a level as equally compelling as the inspirations for the protests of the 70’s. With so much currently at stake, SDM’s music artist, songwriter and fan ambassadors are here to bring our collective formidable energy not only to bringing positive, actionable ideas to myriad social issues, but correcting the obvious overarching dystopian problem that detracts from this effort. We urgently decry the lying and cynical demagoguery that promotes disbelief of facts and rationalization of alternate realities.

SDM is the intersection of music creativity and politics, where our priority is developing music that reflects and informs politics with socially poignant, thought-provoking ideology. We recognize the correlation between addressing social issues and “longtail politics” —utilizing impassioned music to impact local and national politics. Socially Driven Music is a new perspective on how music and social causes are intertwined politically and can reciprocally benefit each other. Indeed, the music industry itself is informed by politics and can be politically influenced for the better beyond its self-aggrandizing milquetoast legislation that addresses the lowest hanging fruit. Music is metaphorical and motivates advocacy and calls-to-action.

SDM is innovating the music business top to bottom with concepts that circumvent the inequities perpetrated on artists and songwriters by corporate greed, while unearthing large untapped marketing and distribution potential. We invite artists, songwriters and all important social causes and respective fans to join our industry experts in our interactive, grassroots advocacy. Our “Proof of Concept” borrows from the fact that most obstacles to social cause progress have political tentacles which, when harnessed, provides opportunity and financial reward for those determined to pursue a vision that is more encompassing and superseding than themselves. Altruism and lucrative goals are not mutually exclusive.

SDM’s army of supporters believe in a return to civility and the values fought for by the “Greatest Generation” who would be appalled at the subversion of right and wrong which basic truth is the foundation of what America has always striven to perfect.

Ultimately, the SDM value proposition is the manifestation of a new, parallel-universe music business that brings purpose to an industry that has historically largely been devoid of all but self-serving schemes. We are first and foremost an artist-centric organization. Among our disruptive innovations is a unique model that includes an option to return ownership of music creators’ works to the artists and songwriters who conceived them. It is the availability of this plan, which has always been anathema to mainstream record labels and music publishers, that underpins and helps define SDM’s visionary thinking. SDM’s business model is a reflection of society at an inflection point. Importantly, our model also reignites a music demographic at the more mature end of the spectrum that has been estranged and largely disenfranchised (Legacy artists via catalogue and new music, and older fans). What better group to activate their peers and expose a younger audience to social impact perspective than revered artists who have already profoundly influenced their own generations?

Suggest a music artist or songwriter who is passionate about a social cause and/or a cause that would benefit from working with them, and SDM will make the connections between them and yourself. A detailed summary of SDM’s ecosystem is available upon request for qualified queries, which includes definitions of and compensation for its Artists, Songwriters, Mentors, Musicpreneurs, Superfans and supported causes (a series of essays designed for public consumption is available on Medium.com and the SDM website).

It’s long past time that music artists and songwriters be able to earn a respectable living. You are invited to reach out if you’re passionate about reinventing the music industry to bring equitable solutions to creators of music…and to concurrently make a difference across a range of diverse social issues. If you’re in the US, a predicate for joining the Socially Driven Music mission is being registered to vote. While we are a non-partisan company, SDM believes that we are at an inflection point moment in history. We are a leader in the transition to a lucrative revenue model for music creators and a wholesale change of course in Washington that will return a focus to the values we cherish. Virtually all the causes we wish to improve are influenced by politics. Our vibrant generation of new voters are keenly aware of their potential for creating an atmosphere of change. These young people also recognize that local representatives, with few exceptions, are entirely motivated only by the prospect of reelection. Together, we won’t hesitate to replace the obstinate obstacles.

To become a part of SDM’s mission, please join us on our Landing Page or Slack and select the community group of your choice. You will find a dropdown menu of social issues on our website, as well as groups for Artists, Songwriters, Mentors, Musicpreneurs and Fans. While on the site, don’t forget to also sign up for our newsletter. SDM is now in the process of organizing a series of popup shows across the country in support of important causes from reasonable gun control and immigration to climate control, inter alia. Our first shows and meetups are being planned for the Coachella Valley and surrounding area (Coachella Fest territory). Contact us if you are a socially conscious Artist, Songwriter or prospective Mentor, Musicpreneur, Superfan or Fan who would like to act as a liaison to your local causes, or a performer interested in appearing and/or being interviewed for our podcast.

Socially Driven Music is an artist-centric company led by visionary founder Stephen C. Love and based upon his extensive music industry background (including EVP Worldwide of ATV Music, Lennon-McCartney/Beatles). SDM is about reciprocally connecting music artists and songwriters to social causes and invites artists, songwriters and all important social causes and respective fans to join our industry experts in interactive advocacy. #MusicThatMatters #SociallyDrivenMusic

(*Mick Jagger is not as yet affiliated with Socially Driven Music.)

Contact us at:

info@sociallydrivenmusic.com or http://bit.ly/SociallyDrivenMusic-Slack or Socially Driven Music Facebook Page and/or Instagram and/or Twitter)

Stephen (Steve) Love

Written by

Music Biz Luminary; Social Media & Fitness Evangelist; Animal Rights Advocate; Politico; Palm Springs (CA) Area Real Estate; Big Thinker!

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