Snapchat (Music) vs Facebook, Apple, Amazon (Music), et al.

I just read a Mashable post titled “How Snapchat will change the music industry in 2017.” I am not convinced. First and foremost, Snapchat’s ostensible current licensing strategies (for what is described and beyond) would have to become far more sophisticated to scale.

For sure, we’re beginning to see some innovative thinking applied to the music business, although just a fraction of what’s possible today. (It’s noteworthy that so many of the most creative ideas are arguably emanating from outside the established industry.) However, as encouraging as Snapchat’s initiatives are, what is detailed in the Mashable post is embryonic compared to what’s possible right now.

But will Facebook actually defer music to Snapchat despite FB’s vast resources to lead (and especially after having its acquisition offer rejected)? Will it move on its advantage before newly appointed Snap Chairman (former Sony Chairman), Michael Lynton, can effect an end run?

And what about Apple? Will AppleMusic recognize the opportunity to fix its music licensing issues as it develops original content, and then dominate?

(Can we expect Netflix and other original content producers to enter the fray, perhaps in collaboration?)

How will Amazon’s Omnichannel approach affect them all?

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