“Socially Driven Music: The Futuristic Reconstruction of the Music Business with an Enlightened Purpose”

Socially Driven Music (SDM) began as a dream to bring a value proposition to the music business that would transform the industry to the pure, artist-centric mandate that should have always been its objective. Its thesis essays and roadmap are available on Medium and re-posted on SociallyDrivenMusic.com. SDM evolved to fulfill this ambition with a logical extension to an equal passion for impacting social good. The company’s charge is to innovate and invigorate the music business top to bottom, and invites artists, songwriters and all important social causes and respective fans to join its industry experts in interactive advocacy. Over time, it became increasingly apparent that it’s incumbent upon us to bring attention and potential solutions to myriad social causes (see dropdown menu on sociallydrivenmusic.com) each and every day. With homage to Live Aid and other event-driven charity concerts over the years, SDM is bringing daily attention to the causes of our time. At SDM’s core is the vision that music and social causes can reciprocally benefit each other by uniting shared passions for helping others.

SDM is the manifestation of a new, parallel-universe music business that brings purpose to an industry that has historically largely been self-serving. It is the longterm solution to an engrained business cultural problem and performs as a reflection of society at an inflection point. The concepts also reignite a music demographic that has been estranged and largely disenfranchised (Legacy artists via catalogue and new music, and older fans). What better group to activate their peers and expose a younger audience to social impact perspective than revered artists who have already profoundly influenced their own generations?

SDM understands how to energize activism through music and provides the framework to do so by bringing value and purpose to a music industry devoid of it (previous essays discuss our Mentor-Musicpreneur-Artist/Songwriter-Fan-Cause Ambassador Program); it is a catalyst, facilitator and connective tissue between its constellation of like-minded spectrum of partners. We live in a time that should motivate socially poignant music such as was particularly the case in the late 60’s and 70’s (if it’s confirmed, we will reach out to Woodstock 50, tentatively scheduled for the summer of 2019, to encourage the continuation of its storied introduction of new, powerful, thought-provoking music statements). Think about the profound impact of examples like Marvin Gaye’s “Mercy, Mercy Me” and “What’s Going On?,” among so many other poignant songs.

Along the way, we’ve come to recognize the correlation between correcting social wrongs and what we’ll call “longtail politics” — impact on local and national politics. It’s with our concern for the undermining of the ideals that so many have fought and died for in the U.S. (and elsewhere) that we take on this challenge with a particular responsibility to “The Greatest Generation” to honor their courage. We take issue with the notion of “alternative facts,” and reject the incessant prevarication, lack of integrity and misleading statements with which we are affronted as normal. Present news showered from the current aberration in Washington is generally antithetical to the good in most people and simply isn’t normal. We believe that those who fought (and continue to stand) for the integrity of American values would be appalled at the current perversion of the good for which they stood and stand. SDM supports honesty and integrity.

William White via Unsplash

In addition to our business model of collaborating with existing philanthropies and social causes, we are determined to work hand in glove with the many “Get Out The Vote” organizations who are galvanizing local voters and new registrants. SDM is considering requiring proof of voter registration as a predicate for participating in our systems. Music artists and songwriters are effective grassroots advocates, effectively becoming “CNN Heroes” on steroids. And this window of time until the 2020 election is an ideal period for SDM to aggregate a large army of ambassadors.

SDM provides answers to T Bone Burnett keynote re: decentralization “Surveillance Capitalists” and his positing that “artists are our only hope (for ethics and morality).”

The company contends that the term “Music Publisher” is an outdated misnomer and would best be renamed “Music Facilitator,” as — when functioning optimally — it orchestrates the entirety of the music process from inception, through delivery, to maximum monetization for songwriters and writer/artists. It will ultimately usurp and replace music labels.

There are many revenue sources inherent in the SDM business model that are designed to compensate for the loss of artist and writer income caused by an industry myopically dependent primarily upon DSP’s like Spotify, Amazon and Apple. Their hopelessness is in evidence as they embrace an incomplete piece of legislation called the Music Modernization Act and battle a legal appeal brought by Spotify, Amazon, Google and Pandora to overturn the recent Copyright Royalty Board (CRB) decision to increase royalty rates. As we all work to rectify these issues, SDM also visualizes the diverse opportunities for music that exist in untapped outlets, especially as a convergence with social good and its extension to lifestyle branding, multimedia and micropayments. Two recent posts by forward-thinking journalist, Cherie Hu, also speak to this:

SDM can be seen and capitalized as three distinct but integrated parts, if not concurrently. It’s an architecture for the creation, marketing and distribution of music in one case, and a mechanism for the amassing of cash-flow and equity value in copyright catalogues in another case (once under-performing catalogues are invigorated by SDM, they may be sold as the company develops others for investment or sale). The third component is functioning as the driver of advocates of wide-ranging social issues in need of a quest for hope and answers rather than a sense of despair and jaded inevitability; e.g., reasonable gun control. SDM relies on science for a rich understanding of segmented audiences, with music and neuroscience psychology examples and trials, and a focus on Mental Health, Fitness/Health/Nutrition as the underlying basis for all good things. We believe that this area of study of the emotional effects of music, combined with our aggregating of like-minded people, will help curtail troublesome occurrences of self-harm and harm to others, in addition to being the foundation of all the other social good initiatives we undertake.

The SDM toolbox includes advanced use of Blockchain technology, Predictive Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, as well as implementation of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and its own API. Its integrated strategies, including 15 specific categories untapped by the music industry’s myopia, and a multitude of revenue generators and capitalization methods are extensively detailed in an Executive Summary and corresponding Pro Forma, which is available upon request for qualified written inquiries.

The SDM business model is one of visionary implementation of technology in administration of music rights while focusing on artistic poignancy. The Internet and plethora of music contest television programs give the impression that anyone who can sing is an artist. The current music business is a wasteland of production copycats on mostly forgettable songs. “SDM utilizes socially poignant music messages to power social good using evolving technology, social relationship platforms, predictive analytics and neuroscience, with music fans as the grassroots ambassadors for a social impact passion shared with the artists they support.”

Socially Driven Music is an artist-centric company led by founder Stephen C. Love and based upon his extensive music industry background (including EVP Worldwide of ATV Music, Lennon-McCartney/Beatles). SDM is equally about reciprocally connecting music artists and songwriters to social causes. Music that matters.

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