While the Retaining wall and trenches were getting done the render was also starting. It worked out well in that we were able to do the first coats of render, and then put the final coats on when all the site work was finished.

I got quite a few quotes for render and the majority were a polymer render which is better than a standard sand cement mix. Being so important and having seen a lot of renders breakdown after a couple of years we wanted one that would last. One of the companies that quoted for us uses a latex based render. It has a 15 year guarantee and apparently far superior to standard render.

One of the quotes was a two coat render that was applied on the same day. The one we chose had three coats put on, and took two weeks. It was more expensive though. The lowest quote for standard render was around $4100. For the latex based render we were quoted $5880 plus gst. It was a bit more than we could afford, we asked for a discount if we let them advertise for 3 months. Got a reduction and settled on $5100 plus gst.

Stephen Cuyos did a fair bit of prep work prior to render. I pressure washed the walls and used chlorine to scrub down where the ground once was before we re graded, and washed down the walls with sugar soap. A couple of bricks were loose too so we cleaned them up, made up a mortar mix added with bond create and re laid them.

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