Imperial College London predicts 18+ months b4 a mass vacc program possible

Virus is already well establ in G20 countries

WHO: seasonal flu kills <0.1% — Covid kills 3%-4%.

BUT Covid has only hit industsd nations, with intens care facilities

Contin missteps —

UK NHS workers’ Personal Prot Equip standards have just been reduced

Culture of NHS managers that medics “shld just get on w it” — medics becom transmission vectors: horrific

Little testing

N Eng J of Med yesterd publshd evid of aerosol transmission capabil in virus rich environs like hospitals (

We already know:

“….viral load … detected in asymptomatic patient was similar to that in symptomatic patients…”

Schools still open

Virus has only killed >60 yo, because of availability of respiratory support for younger people — oldr pple left to die.

NYT reports 50% of ppl in France requir resp support r <60yo, otherw they die

Med-term risk is regions bcme infection batteries/no-go areas until virus is suppressed

Damage to the econ that U.K. govt policy is STILL doing by not immediately suppressing the virus is incalculable

Until the vaccine’s ready, we’re inside this new reality

Plan/act accordingly!

Refs avail

Debunking Strategies /\ Oxford (MBA) - Cambridge (Law) 😷