The Catechism of Covid Molecular Politics – An Introduction

The microscopic characteristics of the virus that causes Covid disease will determine the macroscopic state in which our world is governed for decades.


Before I get to this “Unless…” here’s what I mean by the first sentence:

In March 2020…

“99% of all successful [Corona] transmissions come from three or fewer virus particles. A study published in [the journal] Science in April [2021] by evolutionary biologist Katrina Lythgoe at the University of Oxford put the number of transmitted virus particles at infection between one and eight.”

1. It’s Biologically Impossible

Let’s start with the UK’s most influential newspaper columnist Polly Toynbee:

Don’t be fooled by Trumpesque inconsistency by a chump you’ve probably never even heard of.

And yet he’s one of the most powerful and dangerously extreme people in Britain.

Responsible for Brexit and the Mass Infection policy that’s causing so much avoidable suffering to so many millions of people (around…

Imagine: It’s 27th February 2020. The UK Government’s pandemic modellers report:

“250,000 to 500,000 humans will die, unless you introduce ‘stringent measures’.”

What to do?

You write to local councils: “Expect 100,000 deaths”, even though you have no intention whatsoever to introduce the ‘stringent measures’ you’ve been advised to take…

HK 🇭🇰 Govt presser – 16 Jan 20:

”…total …. infections …Wuhan 45 … 2 died…”

Cases had been recorded in 🇹🇭 & 🇯🇵.

That was it!

Now, 🌎

🛑 93m cases

🛑 2m + 🪦

400k excess 💀 in 🇺🇸

100k excess ☠️ in 🇬🇧

133 💀 in HK…

Manaus (🇧🇷), the 🇸🇪 of South America, which “anti-lockdown/herd immunity’ites” celebrated as having already reached herd immunity (at an extraord cost in human life) now going through another nightmare.

Nature, reporting before the 🇧🇷 paper was published, says 👩🏾‍🔬 “hopeful” E484K (the 🇿🇦 / 🇧🇷 variants) can be dealt…

On April 25th 2020 I wrote the “Story of the UK’s ‘100,000 Deaths Is Ok’ Covid Strategy” on Medium:

I’m no less shocked now than I was then.

On Feb 27th the 🇬🇧 government’s own pandemic modellers told the govt that without the introduction of “stringent measures” 250k-500k people would…

“I grew up in Austria,” the toughest Republican politician of them all begins.

“I’m very aware of Kristallnacht … carried out in 1938 by the Nazi equivalent of the Proud Boys…”

Good Call Arnie!

1 Correct 👨‍⚖️ 👩🏾‍⚖️

Wednesday’s Capitol Putsch was indeed equivalent to Kristallnacht.

2 Pattern Recognition


Moody’s downgraded #UK credit rating in October citing:

”…the weakening in the UK’s institutions and governance that Moody’s has observed in recent years,…”

This is the 2nd time the UK has postponed fundamentally important democratic elections the governing party believes it will lose.

Even though France & the US have…

Stephen Douglas

Debunking Strategies /\ Oxford (MBA) - Cambridge (Law) 😷

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