When a crisis hits, why worship when we should run for the hills?

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Texas Governor Greg Abbott recently issued an executive order suspending the rights of city officials from prohibiting and banning religious services. This set off a firestorm of debate from medical services, religious leaders, and the casual American citizen about what is considered “essential.”

Health Officials warnings do not come without merit. Church gatherings are causing “super-spreaders” that lead to more outbreaks and death. These super-spreaders stress the capacity of hospitals as well as health workers ability to treat patients. …

The philosophy of the stone-faced is so much more…

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“Keep a list before your mind of those who burned with anger and resentment about something…Then ask yourself, how did that work out?” — Marcus Aurelius

If you have ever heard the anything about the word “Stoic,” then I guess you are, right now, imagining a rock-like Roman face. With the image you hold in your head, your first question regarding my title might be, “How can Stoicism possibly be the philosophy of emotion?” …

The author of the Chronicles of Narnia and Space Trilogy has a lot to say about virtue and the good life.

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Clive Staples Lewis, better known as Jack, was born in Ireland and studied in England, but kept his love of Ireland for all his days. He grew up an atheist and remained a staunch atheist until a series of conversations he had with the twentieth centuries finest, J.R.R. Tolkien.

After several conversations revolving around their equal love of the Norse myths, Tolkien, using his supreme intellect, convinced Lewis to theism. It wasn’t until three years later that Lewis accepted Christ, as “the most reluctant convert,” and went on to surprise the world with intelligence, wit, and ultimate readability.

He was…

These men and women of faith were human just like us. Against common belief, they had no more access to miraculous productivity than we.

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There is a long list of men and women of faith the Catholic Church deemed to sainthood that I hope to read some day. I did not grow up Catholic, but I have had enough interaction with the Catholics to hold a respect for their traditions and rituals that you won’t find anywhere near a modern non-denominational church.

[real quick off topic: I highly recommend Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett if you want a…

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I peeked through the looking glass and watched myself from another world. He did everything right. His life, I observed, went perfectly according to plan. He did everything he was ever asked. His studies were immaculate; he never missed a day in school. His attentiveness, I saw, was never amiss. His mind did not stray as my own did, and he seemed always to have the answers. He played sports so much better than I. Even his job was exactly the one he wanted.

I observed his life through to the very end. Everything went according to plan. Why then…

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I recall the first time I filled a balloon with water as a learning experience. I had no one to tell me how to properly fill a balloon, so I just let thing fill. I was fascinated by the way the rubber looked as it expanded from a small, insignificant piece of junk to a large, useful mass of water. So fascinated was I, that I didn’t realize it grew into a size unmanageable by the rubber.


Suddenly I was soaked in water and the other kids no longer trusted me to fill the balloons. They should have known…

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The nothingness woke her. Like a distant dream, the absence of pain was the strangest sensation. Karen’s eyes fluttered to life. She could see nothing with the bright light of the sun poking its powerful rays into her pupil. She blinked and closed her eyes again, but the penetrating shine did not dim. She moved to cover her eyes with her hand but realized she could not feel her arm at all.

“Where am I?” The sentient thought shot across her mind like a bullet, awakening her to the knowledge that the only thing she felt right now is drowsy…

A rumination on the good death

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Life is our chance to explore the nature of the world. The world groans in the pain of labor, like a mother anticipating the sight of her beloved child. Walking in the woods we see it. The rustle of leaves in the wind, the burble of a creek, the song of a bird. New sights and sounds aplenty. New insights gathered from old things if we look closely and we look enough. Every breath is a joy to behold. We see nature in the face of friends and strangers. That is until we don’t…

…On the same day I published my Short Fiction Collection

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I have just achieved a milestone in my writing career: I published a book. Self published, mind you, but it is there for the world to see. I spent hours the night prior formatting and fixing and fretting over every little detail on my collection until I was so stressed I wanted nothing but a hot shower and a strong drink.

Who knew the most troubling part of being an indie author (which I can call myself now) is the publishing portion?!

I saw my book go live and formed…

When procrastination plagues you, the only person you can blame is you.

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Fortunately, the you that can beat you is clawing its way to the top of your psyche in the most non-violent way possible:


There is a short story I wrote that I deemed worth the money to have professionally edited. The editor did a good job and left me wonderful constructive criticism. This story is the last piece I need to edit before I compile my collection of short stories into a book that will go on Amazon and, if you and I are lucky, eventually into your library.

So why is it sitting in my Google Docs untouched?

The question has such a striking answer that I don’t even want…

Stephen Edwards Arnold

My wife thinks I am smart, but I have fallen into no less than six anthills. Find out more at www.ageneraldegree.com

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