I’ve Got Food Poisoning


[0:00:14.1] What’s up, everyone? Stephen Esketzis here from Marketing on the Move and this episode isn’t really on the move. This episode is sitting in my bedroom, working and recovering from food poisoning I’m pretty sure I got from a fish and chip shop last night.

So I thought I’d do an episode with you guys to reflect that. It’s not always go, go go. It’s not always on the move. It’s not always killing it.

Sometimes it just needs to slow down. And I think whether it was food poisoning exactly or just overworking myself, I think it definitely was a combination of the two, and now it’s finally hit itself or hit me and I’m getting over it now. So yeah, just chilling out with you guys now.

There’s not much else I can do too. I am sitting in my room, catching up on e-mails, running blog posts as best as I can and just catching up on calls and things like that, just a whole little bunch of little things that I can do while I’m here. But yeah, so this is what I’m doing here.

[0:01:15.1] I wanted to speak with you guys and tell you a little bit about what I’ve been doing and what’s happened leading up to this food poisoning saga.

So the other day, I launched this marketing tool called — I don’t even think there’s a name for it, but it’s just a marketing tool and it lists all this like 300 or more, maybe 400 or more, softwares for Internet marketers. They’re all categorized, searchable.

Some are websites under a tab called “marketing tools.” And yeah, I launched that to my e-mail list, all like 600 of you or something, not that many people because I really haven’t pushed the e-mails list at all yet, but I thought I would — yeah, send it out to them first, see what I’ve got, see the response back and I rolled in, I’m like, “Hey, guys. So you know I’ve been — if you listen to my podcast, you know there’s a cool thing on the way.

There’s two things actually, one of them was this software list, this searchable database of all these different types of software for entrepreneurs and marketers, something which I wish I had and I found really cool just to put together.

Even if no one else uses it, I would be happy just having them on my website because I think it’s super cool.” So I put that together, I launched it out and said, “Look, it’s taken literally probably over a hundred hours to put this thing together with data entry, with design, with development.”

So I just wanted to see what people would say and I said, “Please reply back if you find this useful.” And I think it was one of the highest open rates I’ve had in my e-mails ever and the reply rate was through the roof as well.

It was crazy. I had so many people replying to me like, “Man, this is awesome. This is best. I love it. I can’t wait to do it.” I don’t think I’ve received one negative comment or people might just have opened it and left it but I have a massive click-through rate as well.

So I’m really excited to see that people like this because we’re gonna be pushing it a whole lot more. It’s completely free, no payment, nothing like that. But yeah, I’m just super excited to see where we can take this.

It’s one marketing tool and there’s one more thing coming hopefully before the New Year and I’m working on that as much as I can in this state, and yeah, getting that nailed down. But that’s pretty much what’s going on here.

I was super excited.

That was a little excitement for me just before the food poisoning and now I’m stuck in my bedroom looking at four walls and realizing that I need to recover.

[0:03:29.2] So I just want to tell you guys that when you are recovering just switch everything off. Like for me, I think I’ve slept like three times during the day just to let my body catch up on sleep and let my body catch up on its liquids and its waters and everything like that.

You just gotta let it go and turn off the screens and stop looking at phones and laptops and things like that. We use all these tools to make ourselves more productive but at some point, there’s a tipping point.

And whether I went over that or it was someone else’s fish and chips that pushed me over that, regardless, I think it’s good just to switch off for a bit. So it’s a good wakeup call for me, a good reminder.

So I was suffering a little bit but I’ll get there, I’ll push through it. So just, guys, keep in mind that whether you’re doing this, whether you’re doing entrepreneurship full-time/part-time, you’re trying to make it work, whatever you’re doing, keep in mind that just do it as it comes like the whole grind thing, the whole like pushing through it, the whole waking up early, going to bed late, working at midnight, that’s all well and good but you’ve gotta take care of yourself.

Health is always number one. And now, I’m realizing that more than any time. I’m still young and I know that there’s a lot of other entrepreneurs out there that are in my age or younger or older.

But regardless of your age, it’s still like your sickness — or not your sickness — your health is the number one thing and sickness can hit you at any time. So that’s just a little reminder there.

[0:04:46.3] And another cool thing I had this week was I did a little podcast interview for a guy who worked with studentpreneurs. And as you guys know, I was a student and an entrepreneur at one point.

So we were talking and it was just interesting. We had like a one-hour/two-hour conversation doing his PhD on studentpreneurs and he was telling me that he listened to all my podcasts.

He put his wife onto listening a whole bunch of people’s podcasts and it was just fascinating. Some of the information that he collated from interviewing, I think he said like 50 plus studentpreneurs and it was just interesting how he made the connections and how everything was correlating between us all, and really fascinating.

But one thing personally was he told me he’d been listening to my podcast and I got another guy e-mailed me this week and said, “I’ve listened to all your podcast episodes.” So it’s just fantastic.

I appreciate you guys telling me that you’re listening to it, that way I can keep doing this. Sometimes, I’m just driving along and telling things and he really loved the point where I almost hit into a bird or another car had a crash, so that’s definitely on the move.

There’s no joking here. And you’re gonna get it whether I’m sick, whether I’m pumped, whether it’s 4:00AM at night, whether it’s during the day, whether I’m closing a deal, whether I’m interviewing someone, whatever the point may be.

So I appreciate you guys. Thanks for jumping on. I’m gonna get through the rest of the day and hopefully be better tomorrow or the day after.

And yeah, shoot me an e-mail. Shoot me a message and tell me if you are using that tool that I’ve just launched if you’re in my e-mail list, and yeah, a whole lot of other stuff.

So I’m gonna try and make another podcast episode tomorrow if I’m feeling a bit better or the day after at the latest and tell you a little bit more about what we’re doing with our autoresponder, or “we” being me, what I’ve done with the autoresponder, how much effort, how many hours I’ve put into that one.

Something super cool coming. I’m just pumped about it because I think with my e-mail marketing is I’m pretty slack and I’ve spent the last few months now perfecting everything on my own end so that people can see what’s happening, people can see the value that people have to give to make it and it’s just crazy.

So I can’t wait to show you guys that with the autoresponder.

Check out the marketing tool list.

It’s www.stephenesketzis.com/marketing-tools-list or maybe it’s just “tool-list” and yeah, we’ll speak to you then, guys.

Take care. Have an awesome one. Remember to drink some water and don’t overwork yourself. Bye.