Andela Boot-camp Experience So Far

Friday: It is a beautiful day. The day kicked off very well on a high gear. It was full of events and always having something to at all time.

Interacting with the fellow boot-campers was also something I enjoyed together with our facilitators. The facilitators are friendly and ready to help whenever they can. I can say they are making my boot-camp experience to be an awesome journey. I love their work ethics and code of conduct and by that am sure it will be a lovely experience to work with them.

During lunch time had a chance to interact with Andelans Fellow and get to know how life is when you in Andela. I can only describe the day with only three words, Fun, Engaging and awesome day.

I have been busy over the weekends trying to do the labs and everything else that we are suppose to be doing over the week. The weekend has not been that good because I could not check or submit the labs.

The problem has not only been experienced by me but with other boot-campers. We hope it will be resolved as early as possible.

Monday morning seems to be a beautiful day. Am looking for a long exciting day.

Thanks Andela for giving me this Chance. It means a lot.

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