My Two Day Experience at Andela Boot camp 9

The experience has been intense but at the same time an experience of a life time. I feel proud of myself having made it this far and learning from my peers and the facilitators has been really something i enjoy. I hope i have given my best to continue with the experience.

James Ndigwa Trainer(Staff Member) at Andela Nairobi

I have interacted with few trainees and James Ndigwa has been outstanding to me. I got to interact with him in the two days and i love his passion to provide real solution to some of the problems that Africa is facing. For instance, He has a health company that monitor the pregnancy of women and advice them on the diet to take through out the pregnancy period. And with Child Motality on the rise, i think it is really good solutions.

Two Andela Fellows (Kevin Ndungu(TA) and Japhet)

Kevin — The past two days Kevin have been of much help to me and i believe to everyone in the boot-camp. I like that he understand what he is trying to explain which have built confidence that i can walk to him with any problem and able to give me guidance. I love his story on the way he got into Andela and that shows if you have determination and will to work extra hard anything is possible.

Japhet — After few encounter with him i found his character being an interesting one because he portrays this tough guy character and yet after interacting with him one-on-one i realized actually he is a very soft spoken guy that you can exchange ideas with. I loved his ambition to have the guts and courage to do a hackathon alone.

Boot-camp 9 — (Joseph Muli(Jojo) and Yalek)

Jojo — During the first day he is the guy interacted with first. He is a cool guy to be around and always willing to help when he can.

Yalek— We are in the same group and he is super fun. He always made us laugh in the group which helped us loosen a bit on the bootcamp.

Closing words, Everyone in the boot-camp has been phenomenal.