34: How To Stay On Point When You Have To Travel
Seeking Wisdom

Additional thoughts on travel habits:

  1. I always carry a Fisher Space Pen in my pocket. You can always use a pen, and it prevents you from having to crawl over people when you want to do the flight magazine puzzles or fill out immigration and customs paperwork.
  2. I don’t rely as much as David on buying stuff there. I’m 6'4" and not slim, so finding clothes takes more time than it’s worth. Not to mention, I can rarely buy clothes outside of the US.
  3. I can stay awake for long periods easily, so I use sleep deprivation leading up to long flights rather than chemicals to help me sleep. I also sync up my airplane sleep with my target timezone and immediately get into my regular rhythm like David was talking about, especially the things that establish the wakefulness rhythm like exercise, caffeine, daylight exposure, and sleep times. I never sleep at a destination until the next natural bed time.
  4. As a traveling developer, speaker, and consultant, my backpack is always a just-add-internet office, including all the adapters I need for different projectors and other connectors, presentation mouse, 15K mAh battery pack, 3-way grounded splitter, charging cables, compact battery charger, spare rechargeable batteries, etc. I just add international plug adapters per trip. I tend to carry two bags where the other is a compact duffel bag for trips up to 10 days.
  5. In areas where you can’t get good AirBnB’s, several corporate relo apartments will rent shorter term if you don’t mind waiting until a week or two ahead to book.
  6. Active noise cancelling headphones!
  7. I completely unpack if I’m staying more than one night (and sometimes even then) to make it feel more homey.
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