The 17 Best Digital Sport Links: July & August

Here’s a list of the top digital sports news and fan engagement initiatives being activated by organisations and brands. The links are in no particular order.

Fantasy Sports for Esports

As Fantasy Sports has boomed for baseball, football and American football, esports juggernaut League of Legends (LoL) can now create their own fantasy eSports teams. HypSports CEO Mike Taramykin said in a statement. “Sports fans are competitive by nature. What we’re doing is gamifying live sports and eSports to create a season-long quest and competition for millions of worldwide fans.”

Ball Street Announce YouTube Cup for Influencers

Ball Street have announced the launch of a YouTube football cup, a tournament between members of the burgeoning ranks of influencer football teams. Full article on Digital Sport.

Global Soccer Star Neymar Wins NBA Finals On Instagram

Despite Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant winning MVP honors along with his first World Championship at the NBA Finals, it was Barcelona forward Neymar, Jr. who captured everyone’s attention on Instagram — again showing the power of the influencer visitor to your sports event.

The below image of Neymar appearing at the NBA Finals a week ago has received over 609,000 “likes” and nearly 1,000 comments to date.

How Freeletics Became The №1 Fitness App In Europe

SQL meets subscription meets health tracking. Read the full article here.

Shares plummet at Snapchat

While Snap earlier this year said that it “may never achieve or maintain profitability,” the company reported deepening losses of $443 million, a 282 percent jump from last year’s $115 million, in part on increased costs on research, sales and marketing.

Fighting on two fronts with Facebook and Instagram, Snapchat may never return to the heady days of two years ago. Snap’s shares dropped as much as 16 percent in after-hours trading, to $11.50.

“100 percent of the problems that we are seeing at Snapchat are self-inflicted,” James Cakmak, an analyst with Monness Crespi Hardt and Co., told Bloomberg.

Google creating Snapchat Discover competitor called Stamp

Watch out Snapchat, again, Google are building a Discover competitor called Stamp. “The success of the open source AMP project is down to the constant collaboration with publishers that involves working early on upcoming features,” Google said in a statement released on Friday, August 4. “We don’t have anything to announce at the moment but look forward to sharing more soon.”

4 Instagram Secrets Teens Know that Brands Don’t

“LB,” “CB,” “FB ” “First” — how about Insta Pods? No? Neither do I. Find out here.

The 5 Best Messaging Apps for Marketing in 2017

Hubspot have a run down of the current top crop of messaging apps for marketing video content.

Facebook Watch to Have Hefty Amount of Sport

Facebook has spent months partnering with sports properties on streaming games and shows on Facebook Live for its streaming Watch platform.

Major League Baseball this season has a weekly Friday night game streamed on Facebook Live, and Univision Deportes has deals with MLS and Liga MX to have a number of live matches appear on Facebook. Those will be a part of the Watch platform.

Podium Silicon Valley Launches World Cup For Sports Tech Startups

Companies specializing in five key areas, or “tracks” as Podium Silicon Valley has termed them, including in augmented or virtual reality, artificial intelligence, wearables, esports and fan experience, are invited to submit an application to play in the World Cup of Sports Tech companies.

Amazon become lead online syndicator of Tennis from 2018

In its first foray outside of US sport, Jeff Bezos’s Amazon have acquired the rights to tennis from 2018 once its current deal from Sky expires, according to the Guardian. (UPDATE: Believed to be just the ATP Tour)

Toronto FC Offers Augmented Reality Face Paint Through Mobile App

More fan engagement now, soccer outfit Toronto FC have designed an augmented reality face paint app for its loyal fanbase.

“We now measure the engagement ripple” — GUMGUM

As 70–90 percent of the NBA team’s sponsorship media exposure comes from non-team owned accounts, GumGum, which recently partnered with the new Stadium sports network, uses artificial intelligence in its proprietary technology and six-metric checklist to evaluate the value of exposure sponsors receive, a more sophisticated approach than simply tabulating the number of engagements.

The platform delves into social-media endemic sites such as House of Highlights (which has 6.5 million Instagram followers), fan groups, on-site fan posts, meme accounts and of course the players’ posts.

The top players’ hefty follower counts can have a significant impact.

“They have these massive followings,” Jeff Katz, GumGum Sports’ general manager said, “and really, anything they do will create ripple effects.”

During the recent UEFA Champions League final, for example, GumGum attributed the social media accounts of Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo as having single-handedly driven 69 million engagements with sponsor signage worth roughly $63 million, about 38 percent of the match’s overall social media value of $164 million.

Once the season begins, Katz offers this conjecture: Given the prominence of the sponsor logos on jerseys — and the prevalence of close-up photos in social posts — he wonders if social media posts will account for more sponsor value than TV placements.

“We don’t have the data yet, but directionally, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see something like that,” Katz said.

How to Build a Chatbot from Pitch to Promotion

Exactly what it says on the tin, from Hubspot.

Facebook now owns software for adding, removing objects in video

More ways to play around with augmented reality inside Facebook after the social and tech giant acquired Fayteq, which produces a software that leverages computer vision to add (or remove) objects inside of videos. Sounds mad? It is.

Man City launch new platform for fan-engagement

Manchester City have launched a new social app to reward fans and give away unique prizes to loyal supporters who interact with it across the world.

…and finally

Using the smiley face emoji at work makes coworkers think you’re dumb

According to science, the more you smile the more people like you. But not if you shower coworkers in emojis.

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