Forgiveness on Father’s Day

This past Father’s Day, I shared the following message on my Facebook.

On this Father’s Day, I just want to thank God for healing the years of damage that America’s Prison Industrial Complex has wrought on my relationship with my Dad. For fifteen years, my Dad and I only communicated through phone calls, letters and emails. He felt a pain that I pray to never know personally in sitting behind bars as I grew up without him, and I struggled to find my footing in this cold world in his absence.

“For fifteen years, my Dad and I only communicated through phone calls, letters and emails.”

Over the years, I remained humble and patiently waited for his return to the free world. Until, I found myself knocking on the doors of success unlike I ever thought possible. In my youthful indiscretion, I grew arrogant. I began to think that I was, in someway, better than my Dad. I thought it was my job to judge my Father, and sent him some to the most damning messages I could. I threw the years of humility that many of you watched mature to the side, and in my ignorance, emerged as a cocky fool.

“In my youthful indiscretion, I grew arrogant.”

God, in his infinite wisdom, had a truly humbling lesson for me to learn. He would strip me of all of my sources of arrogance. By the time my Dad would walk America as a free man, he would find me scarred and with my dreams slipping through my hands like sand. In short time, I came to eat plate upon plate of humble pie.

Rather than kick me while I’ve been down, like I did him, my Dad has steadily encouraged me to see the light through my wilderness. Although I have a mountain of mistakes to correct, I’m inspired to have my Dad stepping in to help me get my proper footing together. Though far from perfect, my Dad has always done his best to make me great and give me a quality life.

While sometimes still tormented by the ugliness I displayed to the man responsible for my birth, I truly see how time heals all wounds. Westside, this one is for you. Thank you for the lessons in forgiveness, faith and courage.

Happy Father’s Day.