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What the hell has happened?

I realize this is an evolving experience, so I’m willing to give the folks at Medium the benefit of the doubt, but recently I have been increasingly dissatisfied with the product they’ve rolled out.

Rather than gripe to you all, I decided to take action and give some feedback to Medium Staff directly. Here’s how you can do it. Go here:

Below is what I wrote to them, verbatim. It lacks my usual desire for eloquence and gets right down to business.

The changes to the homepage and iOS app are frustrating and disappointing. More to the point, the iOS app feels broken. There’s almost no way to navigate and just one page of stories rather than an endless scroll, whereas before I could go to “New from your network,” access publications, and see different categories I like to view.
The desktop homepage redesign is a sprawling mess, with hardly any rhyme or reason. There’s the featured section, which…okay, fine. Then, a small tab on the right for “New from your network,” which I greatly appreciate, but then beneath that is the “Popular on Medium,” which doesn’t interest me in the slightest. The left side of the screen are stories marked “from your network” but they have no chronological order, or really any order or logic of any kind. Then, there’s a featured box called “Oscar bait” that I can’t even hide. This changes occasionally
What happened to being able to see top stories in categories of our choosing? Why does it feel harder to find the writers and stories I want to read? I like some degree of curation — assuming it pertains to what I have said interests me.
What I would really love is the ability to customize the home screen. It would be amazing if I didn’t have to search for specific tags but instead could have them, if I chose, right on my homepage. To give me an even greater degree of control, I could select if I wanted to see “Top stories” or “Latest.”
The “New from your network” is essential, so I hope it’s not going anywhere. Here’s an idea for further refinement. While at present we have “All,” “People,” and “Publications,” why add something along the lines of “You May Have Missed.”
As a dedicated Medium reader and writer, I find it increasingly more difficult to navigate and find what I’m looking for. I hope some improvements are on the way.

If you agree with what I said, by all means feel free to copy and paste my message to Medium Support.

Maybe you have even better suggestions?

Let’s not let Medium become the next Snapchat.