People don’t read 27 minute short stories on Medium

The proof is in the pudding.

This is entirely to be expected. 27 minutes is a serious time commitment, after all, and there are plenty of other quality stories on here to feast upon.

(Big ones, small ones, some as big as your head — oh, I’d never have to do this for Mufasa…)

“What did you say?” “Uh, qué pasa?”

Read ratios of stories that are longer than 10 minutes generally plummet to 25–30%. I’ve seen it time and again. Most writers on Medium realize the sweet spot is a piece somewhere between 2–5 minutes; unless, of course, it’s a journalistic report of some kind or a personal history.

Fiction must either have an irresistible hook or every sentence must act as a sort of cliffhanger, compelling the reader forward with every line. Which is a shame, because some of the most gratifying stories I’ve read on here have been longer ones.

They allow for a more immersive experience, deeper plot development, and stronger characterization. Longreads don’t just serve to entertain; they can envelope you like a warm blanket on a cold winter’s night.