I walk in the house I can see by the look on your face somethings wrong you tell me you called and text me several times I tell you my phone died now you won’t talk to me you just stare at me I ask you if you care to tell me what’s wrong you begin to cry I grab you immediately I hold you close to me whispering whatever is wrong we’ll be fine you pull away I beg you not to shut me out you start yelling “you don’t deserve me, you” I tell you to calm down and let’s talk you walk away searching through the house opening every cabinet, drawer we have me not knowing what you’re looking for you tell me you’ve only loved me and tried to make me happy I tell you I’m the happiest man in the world you throw pictures on the table of me with another woman and child you ask is it my secret family I say nothing you ask again I beg you to let me explain you say to me “after 10 years of my life dedicated to only you this is how you repay me knowing I could never have your child” you abruptly head to the bedroom I chase after you but you shut and lock the door I ask you to to let me in you tell me to leave and continue to cry I try to explain who was in the pictures telling you I love you and would never hurt you you scream liar! I ask what’s that noise (sounds of clicking) you tell me it’s your pain reliever I begin to kick the door trying my hardest to knock it down you tell me you love me as I scream don’t do this (sound of gunfire) blood begins seeping underneath the door I finally burst thru and there you are laying with a self inflicted gunshot wound to the chest I grab you immediately crying, screaming yelling your name and there you are laying in my arms lifeless my phone starts ringing it eventually goes to voice-mail “hi I was just calling to let you know after careful consideration and hearing your story we’ve decided you and your wife would be perfect foster parents for Sarah I think she’ll love the surprise give me a call back when you get this so we can meet her and start finalizing the paperwork.

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