We live a world where we’re judged off the clothes we wear or the phones we have, should it matter what our material status is?. Or how many followers on twitter/instagram or how many friends on Facebook I have? Am I considered a lame if I have a metro pcs or am I the man cause I have a iPhone? Does the car I drive tell you a lot about my personality or does how many pair of Jordans I own tell you how much money I have? Am I. a loser if i don’t smoke/drink or have tattoos?. Can I go to a white neighborhood without strange looks and judgement being passed? Or can I go in the ghetto without being plotted on? Children are dying like flies but our concerns consist of social media, gymshoes, and cellphones. We complain about our presidential candidates but refuse to vote, we need a job but won’t get out there and apply for applications, we laugh at acts of recorded violence on worldstar. but get mad when There’s no justice for our own people. There aren’t enough courtrooms in America to count for all the judging we do so instead of complaining about our country/society let’s help improve it!!

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