We Remain Unchanged
Advancing Justice | AAJC

The whole argument that there is no quid pro quo is weak and hardly transparent. You don’t ask for the legislative option pushing for net neutrality if you know that congress is currently controlled by the republicans who absolutely want to remove it.

“Verizon, AT&T, Comcast, and the National Cable & Telecommunications Association, a trade group for the telecom industry, are listed as members of the “Corporate Alliance” of donors funding AAJC.”

There was no explanation *why* these donors have such a financial interest in donating to the AAJC. How much did they give, what % of donations come from them, or how long have they been donating. None of that is in your post.

There should also be commentary on what AAJC plans to do from moving away OR why they must accept these corporate donors by explaining the budget.

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