Sex Sells

Is it true that sex sells? Think about the most recent television advertisement, magazine, or even music video that you have seen. If you live in a world that is anything like mine then all you would see is sex. Sex in food commercials, sex on the billboards, and even sex in music. Not to say the actually act of sex is being shown, but the media can be very sexual with half naked girls, explicit langue, and subliminal pictures. Even though sex is thrown out there without second thought, I have to wonder how does this affect me? Does it affect other individuals that are not 18 year old African American females in college?

BK Super Seven Incher

Here is a perfect example of what I mean by sex sells. In the ad to the right, we have a beautiful, young woman being objectified as just an open hole to pound. “It’ll Blow Your Mind Away” alludes to the female performing oral sex on a male, especially since the sandwich is shaped like a penis, and the way the sandwich is positioned towards her mouth. This ad was pushed towards males in support to satisfy their desires and sexual fantasy, but it also gives a message to females to look a certain way and perform this sexual act on their male counterparts. Although, sex does not have to be this dramatic in the media to sell.

The use of black women in the music videos of male hip hop artists often makes very clear reference to the culture of strip clubs and pornography. -Imani Perry

These two videos represent what Imani Perry said in her article “The Venus Hip Hop and the Pink Ghetto”. We have Sir Mix-a-Lot during 1992, and T-Pain representing a more current aspect during 2005. In “Baby Got Back”, females of color shaking their butts while Sir Mix-a-Lot expresses sexual references toward these women and objectifying them as just warm flesh to please his desires. On the other hand, T-Pain in the video “I’m Sprung” has more of a cookout/community oriented scenery with children and food, but the women are still being objectified. Throughout the video their are many scenes of females of color splashing water on themselves and others while wearing bikinis, and really focusing on the breast and butt to play into men’s desires. These two artists used sex in their videos and music to gain a profit which proves that sex does sell.

Overall, I can say that these subliminal messages have affected my decisions in life not in a way of me wanting to become a video vixen, but in a way of me deciding whether or not I wanted to wear make up, add extensions in my hair, and even shave my body. All of these things are done to fit into social norms, or to follow the foot steps of what the media describes the perfect person to be. So, whether you notice or not everyone who does not live on a remote island is affected by the media, and majority of us cannot even explain why. In the end, I think it comes down to the individual and how much influence they are willing to allow the media to have on their life.