I think we need more accurate testing for that preservative that was in the blood vile …how can…
Lori Laux Hanson

I am in total agreement on the blood evidence, testing, and the FACT that there is more than one victim here. It is horrible that Teresa Halbach was murdered, I know of not one person that would not agree to that. That is where opinions change, regarding anyone else. There are many that are close-minded, that assume Avery is guilty, because of the obvious multiple evidence…………the key, the sweat DNA, the truck under branches, the fire pit………..ALL OF WHICH would make Steven Avery not only a murderer, but a very ignorant idiotic murderer. OK, if he WAS that profile, how does this borderline mental man figure out how to clean every drop of blood from his house and garage, to the minuscule cracks in the concrete of the garage floor…….. how did he make the fire in that fire pit hot enough to incinerate Teresa’s body ( cremation takes about 3 hours in an air tight over of over 2000 degrees)……. THAT is a SMART GUY. OK, then he goes back to dumb enough to clean all of that blood and DNA of Teresa from his home and garage, but too dumb to clean some OBVIOUS BLOOD in the back of her truck, on the lower dashboard by the ignition? To really believe Steven Avery is the murderer, you also believe he was infatuated with Teresa, and the story of his requesting her specifically, because of an inner love for her…………SO, HE KILLS HER? To believe this, you now must assume that Steven Avery is at minimum a split personality, that like a flick of a switch, he goes from a nice guy who is illiterate, to this demonic man with a twist for pleasure and pain, and super smart, enough to think in advance how to remove all of the microscopic DNA evidence. Reminds me of the movie Richard Gere starred in, called “ PRIMAL FEAR”. In THAT movie, a kid is arrested and charged with the murder of a priest, and in jail interviews, it is discovered, that this quiet, shy kid was too polite to be a murderer, but then, his “ alter-ego” Roy comes out, as a tough guy, totally opposite of this kid. In the end, he is sentenced to a mental facility to get help, but with a verbal slip, Gere finds out the split personality was a ploy, and had worked. Unfortunately, this is real life, Steven Avery has always been consistent with his demeanor, he has come across as simple, as one who is not well spoken, one that is not a smart man, and one who speaks forward what is on his mind. The other thing nobody says of Steven Avery is he is HONEST. Yes, I said honest. Tell me, without speculation to anyone, one outright LIE that you can prove Steve Avery uttered. forget someone saying this was said or that was said. Something out of his mouth, on video or audio, that HE says that is not true. Nothing, not that I am aware of. So, for now, I believe when he said he did not do this…………because the evidence yells he was not smart enough to have done it.

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