I can understand how upsetting it is that you may feel that Teresa was forgotten.
Lori Laux Hanson

I look at this case, and in many ways, I am reminded of the movie “ My Cousin Vinnie”. It was a prosecutor, a judge, the expert witnesses who all had it in for the Ralph Machio and his friend character, because they were from out of town, and didn’t fit the people in that courtroom…….. in this case, the Avery family, who didn’t fit in the middle class folks of Manitowac. The judge, the sheriff, the sheriff’s department, the prosecutor, the district attorney were all a different breed than the Averys, who they looked at as inbreeding misfits that were undesirables. THAT is the sad living reality of today. Teresa was collateral damage of a deputy who overstepped his bounds, and was about to lose the county this huge lawsuit, and they would need a sacrificial lamb, to have someone to blame, and he had to figure he would be fired, to save face, which may have lost his wife, reputation and much more………….who had a motive to kill Teresa…………this guy, or Avery, who allegedly was INFATUATED WITH HER? Why would he KILL her if he loved her?