I think we need more accurate testing for that preservative that was in the blood vile …how can…
Lori Laux Hanson

Imagine something for a minute. There were 6 BLOOD samples sent to the FBI (even though this was not a federal case, why were THEY involved?) and the technician that testified said he had tested 3 of the 6 samples, and there was no EDTA in those samples. Want to know why he may have been truthful on the stand with that response, and yet, as shady as Manitowac Co, who employed his results? I BELIEVE it is possible that when the 6 samples were delivered to him, 3 were known to be Teresa’s actual blood ( if they knew the evidence because they planted it, they would know), and they also know the sample blood of Avery, which was STOLEN from a sealed evidence vile, and that too, would be known to the people sending it to be tested. Imagine that to be true, and they had a certain mark to let him know which 3 to sample, and to NOT test the other 3, because they would have EDTA, and he would be a useless witness for the prosecution. Remember, TO ME, this was a very crooked and corrupt set up with many players involved, and I believe that this FBI “ person” was that “ OOhhh, FBI says, so it MUST be truth”

I am waiting to see where this goes, I am hoping that some VERY SMART PEOPLE will look into this, like Barry Scheck, from OJ fame, and who started The Innocence Project, and were the ones who got Steven out the first time, or Doctor Cyril Wecht, perhaps these men can discover some new evidence through the things available from the trial. This case is not going to just disappear, nor will it’s focus world-wide. Is it possible that God, Justice, and Karma were all sitting together at a card table, and decided that this man was in prison for 18 years for something he did not do, and that was awful, but now, this is even worse, because he may be in for life this time, because of the dirty workings of the same people who put him there in 1985. Could they have decided that somehow, this documentary is the can opener to the can of worms needed to bring, once again, the CORRECT person to justice, for the purpose of TRUE closure of Teresa’s death. Wouldn’t it be ironic to watch the Halbach family apologize as did the Beernsteen woman in the end, and in return, Steven Avery does not blame them, hate them, or anything but feel bad for them, as he has said already? If he did not do this, and was set up, I SOOOO hope that is exposed, with the concrete evidence needed.

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