Thank you Mitchell for this summary!

More compelling to me is that there was not one other suspect allowed to be introduced in the Steven Avery trial. Manitowac Co pulled the fast track conviction of Steven Avery once before, with some pretty tainted and biased evidence in THAT trial, and had it not been for the DNA sample to prove conclusively that he was innocent, but furthermore, the criminal that DID do that crime was already locked up, and had confessed 8 years earlier to a detective in Green Bay WI, who as a PROFESSION LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER, SWORN TO SERVE AND PROTECT, made a courtesy call to Manitowac Co, to have them “ DO THEIR JOB” and look into the truth of this confession. They DID NOT. Be it the officer who took the call and said nothing, to ( what I believe happened) took the call, hung up, had some night shift officers there with him, he told them of the call, they all laughed and said “ Forget the call, now the real guy is locked up, good………..2 dirty birds with one stone”), and just like they never figured something called DNA would eventually exist and be used to show they railroaded this guy, but now, another deception had arrived on his release, that there was the phone call that the detective in Green Bay would talk to someone about, remembering that he told them about this 8 years earlier. SO………….who do I believe more, a Steven Avery, or a many times over proven lying, manipulating, deceptive, about to lose millions in a lawsuit law enforcement agency in Manitowac Co……… who’s insurance company had rejected responsibility for coverage of this lawsuit, and it had become personal?

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