List Of 200+ App Review Submission Websites

App Review Submission

According to a recent Google-Ipsos survey, 52% of awareness for apps comes from friends, family, and colleagues, essentially word of mouth marketing. It can help to get more downloads and better visibility.

Each app owner and developers want to know about the top and best mobile app review submission websites and Agencies to submit these iOS & android apps on top app submission sites.

If you have a great idea of an app and looking for the market it then mobile app submission is an effective way to market it. The reason behind the app submission websites has high quality of users on their websites which increase you app popularity on the web.

Steps To Connect App Submission Sites:

#1) List the website app submission

#2) Check the list of Submission websites

#3) Choose websites area of you interest

#4) Submit you app on given websites link

List : 200+ App Review Websites for iOS and Android Apps