Jesus: Jewish Cult and Roman Conspiracy
Abel Cohen

Abel I didn’t have time to read your entire thesis, but as a born again Christian with the fire of The Holy Spirit within my heart (body) I must tell you that you don’t know what you are talking about. Yeshua Ha Mashiyach Ben Yahh lived about 2000 years ago. He fulfilled all Hebrew prophecies concerning His first coming to earth from Heaven. Yeshua was God manifest in the flesh. I am sure that is unbelievable for you. Yeshua was born of a virgin named Miriam who was impregnated by the power of The Holy Spirit. Unbelievable? Mashiyach Yeshua was born in Bet Lekhem of Yudah. His step father Josef took Yeshua and Miriam to the land of Ham or Egypt because Herod sought to kill the child. Josef later returned to the Galil to raise his family as Miriam was a fruitful women. She had five sons and at least two daughters. Yeshua began to minister to an apostate Jewish nation at about the age of thirty years. Yeshua through the indwelling power of Yahh raised the dead, cleansed the lepers, healed the sick, cast out demons, caused the blind to see and the deaf to hear and the blind to see and the lame to walk. He preached The Kingdom of God to Israel. After about three years of ministry, the apostate Jewish leaders, were so envious of Yeshua who made them superfluous, they demanded Pilate to crucify him. The Jewish leaders could not raise the dead or cleanse the lepers or heal the sick or anything of a Holy Spirit nature. They were Roman stooges.

Three days after Christ was murdered for doing only good, as He was a sinless man, Yeshua rose from the dead by the power of The Holy Spirit. He was seen after rising by more than 500 disciples. He gave commandments to His disciples and then ascended back to Heaven where He came from in the first place. He promised to come back to earth in the future in fulfillment of Hebrew Scripture.

I would challenge you to ask Yeshua the Jew to manifest Himself to you personally. Just ask Him to prove His existence. Say, King Yeshua, Holy One of Yisrael, if you are real, please reveal yourself to me and forgive me for an evil heart of unbelief. Let me know when He answers your prayer.

The Hebrew Scriptures declare, “The fool has said in his heart, there is no God.”


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