No time to read, but time to write all that? You must have been good at Awana.
Abel Cohen

Abel, I read some of what you wrote. I believe you sincerely believe what you wrote. It’s been a real long day.

I am going to assume a man named Abel Kohen (priest) is Jewish. I would guess your ancestry would come mainly from Europe and you are apart of what some call the Ashkenazi Jewish community. I hope I am not being offensive.

If I am guessing right, you probably abhor The New Testament Hebrew Scriptures written by King Yeshua’s own disciples. The New Testament Hebrew Scriptures were written by Jews like Matityahu, Shaul, and Yochanan. There was one Greek eyewitness to King Yeshua’s ministry named Luke or Lukas. So you are wrong. We have eyewitness accounts of Christ’s life and ministry, His death and resurrection. King Yeshua lives and He reigns from Heaven above over all the earth today.

It seems to me you give more credence to writers who never met Christ. I would guess it is very hard for a Jew who has been raised to reject Christianity because some so called adherents slaughtered Jews. I would have to tell you that no true Christian would ever slaughter anyone. The Hebrew Scriptures written about King Yeshua before and after His death, burial and resurrection command believers not to kill. It is clear to me mercenaries and profiteers who claimed to be Christians, slaughtered people for financial gain. That sir, is not a true Christian.

Are you familiar with Torah, Tehillim and Nabim (Prophets). If so you would easily find the death burial and resurrection of King Yeshua prophesied hundreds of years before His birth. You will also find prophecies about His second advent which we may live to see.


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