THE ORIGINAL! FBI Director Comey Colluded With Trump & Putin Says The Lord Jesus!

The LORD Jesus, to my shock and amazement, told me FBI Director James Comey also colluded with Trump’s team and Putin to harm Hillary Clinton’s chances of winning the election of 2016. You recall Andrew McCabe, Deputy Director of the FBI, pulling to the side Reince Preibus, Trump’s Chief of Staff, to tell Preibus that a news article about Trump’s Campaign advisers repeated contact with Russian officials was over blown. What Mr. McCabe did was inform the White House about an issue which was a part of an ongoing FBI investigation of the White House. The FBI normally doesn’t talk about upcoming, ongoing or completed investigations. Mr. Comey and Mr. McCabe both have violated, long standing FBI tradition of concealing FBI activities. Nevertheless, when you are fighting to get your nation back from those other people (Obamaites) you have to break a few rules and even laws.