Things Fall Apart When You Are A Mob Associate Like Donald John Trump Sr.

The attached article is Red Hot with possible conspiracy between Donald Trump Sr, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, the Trump Campaign, the Russian Government and a Russian Mob Associate and, you guessed it, a freemason named Denis Katsyv who owns a, you guessed it, real estate empire in Russia (Mob money launderer) called Prevezon. The Department of Justice was two days away from taking Prevezon to US District Court in the, you guessed it, Southern District of New York, (Preet Bharara’s former district) when unexpectedly and abruptly Jeff Sessions’ DOJ decided to settle the case for a song. Prevezon lawyers said the DOJ made them an offer they could not refuse (vis a vi The Godfather movie).

This all could be innocent, but considering the folks involved, I think not. Guess who works for Denis Katsyv and Prevezon? Natalia Veselnitskaya the pretty Russian lawyer lady who met with, you guessed it, Donnie John Trump Jr. in Trump Tower on June 9, 2016 with a former (clearing my throat) Russian counterintelligence spy Rinat Akhmetshin and maybe others. Innocent stuff? Probably not.

The Lord Jesus Christ said “Analytics” to me the evening I posted a video about Junior’s meeting with Veselnitskaya. I suspect at this point a quid pro quo (an agreement to do a favor for a favor) was agreed to at this meeting where the Russian government and Prevezon would help Trump get elected if Trump would agree to settle the Prevezon case out of court for a song, and much more. Voter Demographic data or Analytics may have been involved and a promise to unload altered weaponized emails damaging to Clinton. One thing is for sure, Trump’s Russian-backed DOJ settled with Prevezon for a song.

Sergei Magnitsky’s murder while in Russian custody ties in here, because some of the proceeds from the fraudulently obtained Russian tax return scheme of about $230 million (which cost Magnitsky his life) reportedly went to Prevezon or Denis Katsyv whose consigliore is Veselnitskaya. The DOJ asserts Prevezon tried to launder some of this money in 2007 through New York real estate. It has not been reported if Trump Organization received any of Prevezon’s money. I would expect that shoe to drop soon if true. Recall Donald Trump Junior saying in 2008 that lots of Russian money was pouring in to Trump Organization from Russia and Trump Organization had a disproportionate number of Russian investors.

This article is pregnant with a baby named Trump Russia Collusion!

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