Cine Update #3: Appreciating Clouds

Welcome to update #3 on my journey to create Cine, a clock that creates a calm connection with the world.

One of my all time favorite Ted Talks is “Cloudy with a Chance of Joy” given by Gavin Pretor-Pinney, founder of the Cloud Appreciation Society, at TEDGlobal in 2013. You can view it here. I highly recommend this talk and guarantee you will feel happier and calmer after you have watched it.

In the talk, Pretor-Pinney shares beautiful and charming photos of clouds and invites everyone to stop for a few moments, look up and admire the beauty that so often passes unnoticed right above us. He sums it up nicely:

You’re not going to change the world by lying on your back and gazing up at the sky, are you? It’s pointless. It’s a pointless activity, which is precisely why it’s so important. The digital world conspires to make us feel eternally busy, perpetually busy.…Sometimes we need excuses to do nothing. We need to be reminded by these patron goddesses of idle fellows that slowing down and being in the present, not thinking about what you’ve got to do and what you should have done, but just being here, letting your imagination lift from the everyday concerns down here and just being in the present, it’s good for you, and it’s good for the way you feel.

One of my aspirations with Cine is to bring the motion and beauty of clouds to people’s rooms and desks. Even if you aren’t able to take some time to lay on your back looking at the sky, you’ll still be able to soak in the soothing power of clouds.

Progress report
This past week saw progress on many fronts:

Art: 20 new cinemagraphic scenes, many of them feature clouds, including the one at the top of this email — one of my favorites.

Software: I have been meeting with embedded systems developers to start working through how to go from my prototypes to production software and what hardware specs will be needed to support fluid video.

Design: Met with industrial designer Dennis Veatch of CreatID to work through how to evolve the case design for manufacturability while still keeping the distinctive screen-to-edge design.

One simple ask: forward to one friend

A lot of folks have asked me what they can do to help bring Cine to life. While we are still in the process of developing user testable prototypes, the biggest ongoing need is to make more people aware of Cine.

So I have a simple ask of you. Think of one person you know who you think could use some calm, forward this update to them, and ask them to sign up for updates at or on facebook/poinyent. That’s it, just one person. :)

Thanks and more updates coming soon!



PS For those who are new to the list or may not have seen the video, I’ve included the sneak peek video below. Or for those who want to go back and have another quick calming break in their day.

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