Tomi Lahren Needs to Be Stopped

Tomi Lahren’s rise to national prominence over the last two years isn’t surprising — but her lack of knowledge should be worrisome.

It’s all fun and games until someone gets a show with a medium that has significant exposure. The short story of how Lahren rose to the national spotlight is basically, she graduated from college and got a job as the host of a conservative network — then got a bigger job offer from The Blaze to have her own show.

Lahren is a 24-year-old conservative political commentator — which should be an oxymoron. She’s also a bigot, but that’s another story.

It seems slightly off that someone gained national exposure for their comments on politics at 22. Lahren has no real-life experience with politics. Her views are a microcosm of what journalistic conservatism has become — but how? Her comments are simply regurgitation of other conservative pundits.

Her problem isn’t that she’s a bigot — that is a huge problem, but that’s not her biggest problem. She’s wildly uneducated on almost every issue she discusses. Her political experience goes as far as interning for a Republican Congresswoman. Internships are great for getting entry level jobs — they provide experience, but it’s limited experience.

Interning for a Congresswoman sounds like a great foundation for starting a career in political commentary — but it should not be the only experience.

Lahren is a circus-sideshow to actual political commentary. She’s a “Not Ready For Primetime Player.”

Her views are based on extraordinary amounts of superficiality. The argument to that would be that all political commentary is based on superficiality — but hers is painfully hard to watch.

Shortly after the election when people gathered to protest the new President-Elect Donald Trump, Lahren discussed how Republicans knew how to lose with class. Within hours of that comment, Twitter users posted pictures from the 2008 election that had people showing President Obama hanging by a noose, and signs that said “a village in Kenya is missing its idiot. Deport Obama.”

Lahren was a sophomore in high school after the 2008 election — so, it’s natural for her to use revisionist history to prove a point. She wasn’t even allowed to vote in then.

What does it say about media that someone so young, inexperienced, and uneducated can use such a huge medium to spread a message of hatred and bigotry?

This isn’t journalism — but it is a microcosm of the state of politics.

So, if Lahren’s education and experience extends as far as a Bachelor’s degree, and an internship with a Congresswoman, how did she get her first job? Well, she does ‘look the part’ for starters, but that should never qualify anyone for anything in the realm of politics and journalism.

Trevor Noah and Charlamagne Tha God have made attempts to normalize her positions. Noah brought her on The Daily Show to speak about issues. Noah doesn’t believe he was giving her an even bigger medium to preach hate, but he did.

Her supporters don’t care about what Noah has to say, and vice versa. Attempts to humanize someone who constantly blasts everyone who doesn’t share the same views as her is a colossal waste of time.

But, in a world where journalism has turned into a competition of who-can-get-more-views, her show is perfect. Banking on viewers to not be very informed on issues makes it easy to say anything and have it stick.

Actual political commentator and host of Real Time with Bill Maher said on his show that “politicians can say anything because people don’t know anything.” It’s true — and if something isn’t done about it, then there will be a new flock of people like Lahren in the coming years.