Enrich the world with your raw ideas. Ship your drafts


Seth Godin’s post yesterday about saving as draft really hit me. He talked about our default position to hold an idea, a post, a project and save it in draft mode. Tweaking it until it is perfect. Holding it, analysing it and critiquing it to beyond and back. He said to stop. Just ship it. Feedback on your idea is more important than perfection. The perfect piece, the perfect idea is a myth. Get it out there. Get feedback. Get used to sharing your drafts and you will benefit more than sitting on the idea and over cooking it. Once it is out there, it will take on its own life. Remember that the more you ship, the better you get at dropping your guard. The less self-scrutiny you will apply to your own work.

How many ideas, blog posts, projects have you saved as draft? Why don’t you share those ideas with the world!

Originally published at stevebrophy.com.au on April 29, 2017.