Is Steph Curry the best Basketball player ever?

With the 48–4 Warriors imprinting themselves to be the best team yet again this year, they have the reigning MVP as the front runner to win the award again.

With the likes of the all time greats like Bill Russel, Larry Bird, Wilt Chamberlin, Kareem Abdul Jabar, Allen Iverson, and who could forget Michael Jordan.

Those are just the few of many all time greats that dominated the game but to be honest, none of them are like Steph Curry. Steph curry is not like them either.

The reason I believe Steph Curry is better then all those players and beyond, including his fellow league mates like Lebron, Kobe, and Kevin Durant, is because Steph has a shot that no one can create themselves. He has the passing skills that no other player can acquire. Steph also has the best ball handling skills that only one player can come close to him and that is Kyrie Irving.

Steph has the highest basketball IQ as well. He is a winner. He has the taste and smells of being a champion and he is not satisfied. Jordan had this very similar season with the Bulls and we all know that the Warriors are going to accomplish that with ease.

Steph is the best player because he is playing around great players on his team. Steph is taking his team to the top with an unbelievable amount of range and three pointers that are statistically impossible and he is beating all odds. And get this, he is only 27 years old.

He may not be able to dunk like MJ or Lebron but I can promise you one thing, Steph can shoot, pass, fake, handle, and hustle harder and better than everyone else on the floor. Overall he is and will be the best player in the NBA and basketball in general.

Steph Curry all in all is a different breed that all young basketball players will want to be like when they grow up. No more Black Mamba or King James, make way for the Baby Face Assassin.

Move over MJ, everyone wants to be like Steph now.

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