#1 Secret to Riches: Gratitude Attracts Wealth

Gratitude Abundance

Gratitude attracts wealth! Wealth and abundance is a state of being. Without gratitude, you’ll never truly enjoy wealth regardless of the amount of money you have or what you possess. The simplest abundance is often the greatest abundance as we avoid the enticements of cluttering our lives with those things we don’t really want but have in order to keep up with the Jones’s.

Simple abundance is a state of awareness that less is sometimes more. As you possess this attitude of gratitude, you will most often find the greatest fulfillment comes from your relationships rather than things. In fact, many man made objects just get in the way of those things that matter most. Happiness is not always found in the house or car you cannot yet afford. If you cannot find happiness from within, you seldom will find it from without.

Abundance is not in only getting but also involves being grateful for what you have. It doesn’t require many material possessions to make those with the abundance mentality happy. On the other hand, there’s no lottery or jackpot big enough to make those with the scarcity mentality happy and satisfied. The scarcity mindset is one where you can’t get enough of those things you don’t need but in the end there is disappointment.

Gratitude Abundance

The abundance mindset is one that recognizes and feels gratitude for each and every blessing each and every passing day.

Ingratitude attracts scarcity. Gratitude attracts wealth and abundance. Now go out there and create wealth!