Disaster or Triumph? Timing It Right.

Timing Is Everything

When I stand on the Brooklyn Bridge overlooking New York City, I think about “timing.” According to tradition, on May 24, 1626 the island of Manhattan was purchased from Native Americans for goods valued at 60 Dutch guilders! That was equivalent to $24.00 then or $680.00 today. Today’s value of Manhattan is an estimated eight trillion dollars which profoundly supports today’s Wealth Wake-Up Call.

Today’s Wealth Wake-up Call is: Timing is everything! When it comes to creating wealth, I’ll always take timing over talent. Warren Buffet said it best, “When people get greedy, I get nervous. When people get nervous, I get greedy.” During the last economic downturn, those who remained calm and started buying while the world was consumed with fear have created wealth.

Intelligent Investor

The key is to watch for the time in the future when everyone is buying with unbridled optimism. That’s the time when the intelligent investor watches for the signals to sell and converts to cash. Upon selling, the intelligent investor then patiently waits for the time to re-enter. With cash, bargains are then for the asking and wealth is created again and again!

Now go out there and create wealth!