No Small Dreams

Big Dreams, Small Dreams

Remember the words of the German philosopher Goethe who said, “Dream no small dreams, for small dreams have no power to move the hearts of men.” Creating anything begins with a dream or a plan. Producing financial security is no different. The process begins by writing your wealth vision.

Your goals are the “how” to achieve your vision. When you have simple, yet well-defined goals you will accomplish more in a year than others without goals will accomplish in five years or maybe even a lifetime.

No Goals

Can you imagine if there were no goals in sports? A basketball game with no baskets would be five people playing “keep away” with a ball. Upon the final buzzer ending the game, the victory would go to the team with the cutest cheerleaders. Can you imagine an airline pilot with no flight plan? We might hear on the intercom, “We will arrive wherever we are as soon as we run out of fuel.”

The value in setting definite goals is that we link our thinking to an important purpose. We no longer daydream about money with wishful thinking. We know where we’re going and our thoughts and actions are concentrated on getting ourselves there. Setting specific financial goals makes us accountable to ourselves. Don’t be afraid to set high goals. The rewards far outweigh what others might think or say.

Visualize Abundance

Goals must be specific, challenging, measurable, written, reviewed and continuously revised. Constantly visualize achieving your goals. When you visualize, you materialize. Dreams visualized and believed ignite the human spirit. My challenge to you is to reawaken your financial dreams, write your Wealth Vision and live a life of abundance.

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