4 Ways Love Attracts Wealth!

Love and Wealth

There are four ways that love attracts wealth. First, love what you do. I like the game of golf yet I haven’t actually played the game for over ten years. Though I like to golf I love my work. Therefore, I prefer doing what I love rather than doing what I merely like. It’s no wonder my wealth is growing exponentially. It’s because I do what I love and love what I do a hundred hours per week.

Second, love those you serve. Sustainable wealth is a byproduct of serving others. The more you serve the more wealth you attract. I feel sorry for those who never learn this principle of wealth.

Third, love yourself by respecting money. If you truly love and respect yourself you’ll respect money. Those who respect money never waste it because money is a valuable resource that can benefit yourself and others.

Fourth, love those less fortunate. It has been written “pure religion is to visit the orphan and the widow in their affliction.” I agree with that philosophy. Not only is such a principle pure religion but a pure principle that attracts wealth. You get back exponentially what you give freely. I can’t explain exactly why but I’ve experienced this principle in practice and I’ve seen it work in the marketplace.

The result: Remember, love what you do, love those you serve, love yourself by respecting money and love those less fortunate. By so doing, you’ll attract wealth as a bee attracts honey. So, wake up to the idea that love attracts wealth! Now go out there and create wealth!

Love Attracts Wealth

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