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People staying home and working from home. People laid off. People in isolation. People at risk. People suffering. People caring. People zooming. People scared. People helping.

All kinds of people, trying to deal with this as best they can.

I’m adapting to this new world myself. I’m in the at-risk group and have stayed at home and away from people for the last two and half weeks. …

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You’re pretty complicated, you know that?

Full of contradictions, quirks and nuance, there’s a lot going on in that brain of yours.

Some of that stuff won’t be doing you any harm at all, but there are certain habits that will keep messing with your head, rolling over your self-confidence and fucking you up like nobody else ever will.

1. Imposter syndrome

You go into a meeting with a bunch of senior, talented people, your heart thumping and that thought in your head that you might be moments away from screwing it up and that they’ll all see right through you.

This is imposter syndrome, the stomach-plunging fear that you’ll be revealed as a fraud and seen as not good enough. …

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Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

30 seconds after the big bang (around 13.75 billion years ago), the entire universe was smooth and uniform, having expanded and stretched exponentially due to something called the inflation field.

The universe didn’t really know how things worked back then, and tiny quantum fluctuations meant that some parts of this vast uniformity were slightly less uniform than others. Bits of the universe were more dense than others, and in one tiny, infinitesimal quantum fluctuation grew something called the Virgo supercluster.

Somewhere in here was a random clump and cluster of density, a bit like a birds nest in an overgrown bush on the edge of a wood that you drive by at 70kph. Within that cluster, the result of the minutest, random quantum fluctuations imaginable, is the Milky Way. That’s where you and I hang out, but without those minute fluctuations we simply wouldn’t exist. …

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Photo by Johnson Wang on Unsplash

Growing up, I was taught that a job is something you have to do, not something you have to love.

Put the hours in, get paid, and live your life in spite of the work you do.

Maybe you were taught something similar. It sounds pretty horrific to me, but the truth is that while loving your job is something we all strive for, only a few of us really get to experience it. In fact, studies indicate that some 50% of American workers are not engaged by their jobs, and a further 20% are actively disengaged.

That’s over 100 million working people in the U.S. alone who don’t love what they do, and the obvious answer seems to be to get out there and find a job you’ll like better. …

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Photo by nikko macaspac on Unsplash

Stress is that thing that wakes you up at night with spiralling thoughts and a racing heart beat. It’s that thing that makes setbacks or curveballs feel personal. And it’s that thing you feel in your body, that tension in your face, jaw, muscles and shoulders.

Feeling stressed is horrible, and over the last few years it’s something that’s bubbled up more for me. It never used to bother me, taking things in my stride as I tend to, so it’s been a pretty new experience. And I don’t much like it.

So as someone who’d rather not be set upon by stress, I’ve figured out some smart ways to switch it around and use it. …

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Boris Johnson.

To some, he’s a beloved leader. To others, he’s a dangerous buffoon.

While opinion might be split on that front, what’s undeniable is that he’s leading the UK as Prime Minister (correct at the time of writing, of course).

As Mr Johnson is in the highest leadership position in the land, I thought it would be useful to see what lessons can learned from his leadership style.

Here then, are five amazing leadership strategies, as displayed by Boris Johnson.

1. Tell people what you think they need to hear

It doesn’t matter what you know or what you believe, what matters is people thinking you’re on their side. So it’s far, far better to tell people things you think will get them on your side than it is to be straight with them. …

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Photo by Alora Griffiths on Unsplash

The world is a crazy place. And right there in the middle of it all, is you, trying to make a decent go of things.

Then life starts fucking with you. Messing up your plans. Letting you down. Throwing a metaphorical drink in your face.

And then other human beings come along, with their own ideas and plans, who aren’t backwards in telling you how to do things or where you’re going wrong.

It’s not fair.

So when life starts fucking with you, wouldn’t it be cool to be a little bit more…unfuckwithable?

A bit more resilient. A bit less fragile. A whole lot more confident. Because then, you could do more of what you want rather than feeling like you’re dealing with obstacle after obstacle. …

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Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Ever had that moment when you finish a project or deliver something at work, and someone looks at it with wide eyes, wondering how you were able to do it so well, or so completely, or so successfully?

From your perspective, you simply went about your job, and it just happened to knock someone’s socks off.

Pretty cool.

To some, what you do looks a little bit like magic. Even though from your point of view, you were just applying yourself and doing good work. Arthur C. …

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Photo by Itay Mor on Unsplash

Bullet proof confidence sounds good, doesn’t it?

Take everything life throws at you and shrug it off. All those people taking shots at you, and you don’t give a flying fuck. All the naysayers, critics and judgmental ass-hats no longer get to you.

Thanks to your bullet-proof confidence, you’re unassailable.

Great. Apart from 3 huge problems…

1. You’re human

Nobody is bullet-proof, and neither is your confidence. Life will always have something up it’s sleeve ready to surprise you. There’s always the chance that the rug will get pulled out from under you. That’s life.

Being hurt, feeling low or finding yourself lost is not a weakness to be fixed. …

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“Even with how far I’ve come, why do I still sometimes feel like I’m failing?”

Even now, as a very-nearly-fifty-something man, I sometimes still feel like I’m failing.

Doesn’t matter how well I’m doing or what I’ve achieved. Sometimes, in those quiet moments when I’m sat at home alone, or when I’m struggling to figure out what to do next, that’s just how it feels.

I think there are two reasons for it. First, you’re a human being. It’s one of the things we do, along with things like eating, worrying and belly laughs. No changing it.

Second, because it hurts less to pre-empt your own failure than to have someone else do it you. …


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Hi, I’m Steve. I help you to, 1. Overcome crappy thinking, 2. Feel more confident and 3. Get more peace of mind.

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