10 Top Tips for a Sweet & Beautiful Life

A sweet and beautiful life is not to be sniffed at or dismissed as some arbitrary, fluffy bullshit.

Just think of the opposite kind of life — bitter and ugly.

Yeah, me neither.

Here then, are 10 top tips to live a sweet and beautiful life.

Try compassion. It might just change your mind on things.

Make meaningful friends. And through your behaviour, let them know that they’re meaningful.

Give. Not because it makes you feel good or righteous, but because it’s how you get to express gratitude for what matters to you.

Become imperfect. You’re riddled with imperfection and there’s nothing you can do about it. So just embrace it already.

Do things that matter. Because if you’re not showing up like that in your life, just how are you spending your time?

Tell better stories. Because those old stories that make you feel not good enough aren’t good enough for you.

Dig under hate. Because hate sits on top of pain, and pain is an important vehicle for growth.

Dont sweat the practical stuff. There’s always a solve for the practical stuff in life (I’m a great believer in creating a third option), no matter how shitty or complex.

Create. You and the world become richer through the act of creating something of value.

Integrate. Because it’s by integrating your experience, rather than separating or compartmentalising, that you get to be whole.

Short and to the point, I hope.

Because I don’t want to keep you from getting involved in your own life.

Just holler if I can help.

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