Your Comfort Zone Isn’t The Enemy

There’s nothing quite like a warm bed on a weekend morning.

The ability to luxuriate in the comfort and simplicity of that is something that, after considerable practice, I excel at.

But comfort gets a bad rap.

It’s looked down on as the unwanted and undeserving-of-your-respect relative of getting uncomfortable. Of taking action. Of doing things you’ve never done before.

I’ve even spoken about it myself, often.

And then there are some other coaches who constantly tell you to fuck comfort, take a cold shower, go bungee jumping and hustle like your life depends on it.

But how do you reconcile how damn delicious comfort is, when there are messages all around that it’s the new Big Bad?

Let’s start with the dictionary definition shall we?

Comfort, noun:
- a state of physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint
- things that contribute to physical ease and well-being
- prosperity and the pleasant lifestyle secured by it

Don’t know about you, but I want those things.

I want oodles of those things. I want my cup to runneth over with comfort and for it to get all in the carpet and between my toes so I’m walking around in the stuff and traipsing it wherever I go.

There’s wonder in your comfort zone. There’s ease there. Pleasure. Joy. Freedom.

The problem comes when your comfort zone stays static, or when it shrinks. That’s when your life gets smaller and the ease and joy become harder to find.

And so this is the thing that occurred to me…

What if instead of talking about getting out of your comfort zone, you instead sought to grow your comfort zone?

What if your comfort zone was the whole goddam world?

What kind of playground would that give you?

Instead of thinking that you shouldn’t look for comfort, or that feeling the need to be comfortable somehow makes you less than someone else who’s out there doing “epic shit”, what if you sought to use the ease and joy and freedom that comes with comfort, and expand it outwards?

This, friend, is what natural confidence offers. A foundation. A bedrock. An unshakeable knowing that whatever happens, you’re enough, and you’re okay.

Confidence is the means to find comfort in the whole wide world.

How does that sound to you?