what level are you operating on?

Big Hair Leads to Big Things

In my previous post, “LATCH”, I presented the conceptual skill of taking your personality to the next level, and “operating at a level 10”. In theory, it may seem relatively simple to maximize your personality, however operating at a level 10 is unquestionably easier said than done. Many people have stopped me on the streets in recent weeks, asking the same question, “Steve, I really enjoyed the concept of operating at a level 10, but what can I do specifically to get to that level?” And the answer is simple. Big Hair.

When you first meet someone, your mind subconsciously formulates an opinion of that person. Whether you notice it or not, a person’s hair plays a significant role in forming that opinion. For example, someone with an average buzzcut is most likely an average guy. Someone with a messy part is most likely a messy person. These people are unfortunately operating in the level 4–6 range. A person with a phenomenal haircut will subsequently perform at phenomenally high levels. Now when I say big hair, I am not suggesting that you grow out a 6-foot pompadour. (Although if someone is rocking a 6-foot pompadour, he is probably killing it right now.) But my notion of “big hair” merely suggests that you “think big” in regards to your hair. Most guys have a laissez-faire approach to their hair, and are therefore satisfied with a sub-par hairstyle. I strongly advise you to escape from this mindset and dominate the hair game. Be creative, think outside the box, and own a haircut that you are proud of.


In order to attain Big Hair and perfect your style, there is an ingenious 4-step process to follow:

1. Lettuce

Let that flow rage. Grow out some lettuce so we have something to work with.

2. Style

Don’t be afraid to throw in some product to take your unpolished look to the next level. Gels, pastes, creams, and fibers. Use them well to take your levels higher.

3. Maintain

Your hair is a like a flower. You need to pour water on it, give it a little sunlight, and nurture it in order for it to grow. You got shampoo in your eyes? Well, stop shampooing. Do not shampoo every time you shower. Only lather 2–3 times per week. You’re killing your hair follicles broski.

4. Kill the game

Walk outside and know you’re the man.


I realize this much effort may seem like too much of an undertaking with too little of a reward. However, the rewards are intangible and lead to incredible opportunities.

Once you successfully attain Big Hair, windows of opportunities will be opening left and right. Your hair will cause you to be noticed, remembered, and leave a firmer, more lasting impact on others. More girls, more bros, and more professional connections. Inevitably, these opportunities will lead more people to experience your personality; resulting in a more fulfilling lifestyle.

The process is simple: perfecting your style à big hair à level 10.

And BAM! Insta-friends.

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