To Atheism and Back

I don’t know that God doesn’t exist. Mass seemed like palaver as a child. Church seemed irrational as a teen. Religion seemed like salvation as a 20 something.

Do you really want to be a cynic when your family dies and your friends move on?

I’ve been in the Vatican and even atheists feel something bigger than you and me.

You feel it in your bones.

Like when you respect someone or some-thing. You can’t see it. You can’t measure it. But you know it’s there.

Some things science cannot explain.

Discrediting or looking down upon religion could be a mistake. Society’s fatal error.

The Enlightenment propelled us forward, but did not provided us with answers to life’s biggest questions. As a result, a secular society is a lost, lonely, depressed, mentally ill society.

A society too secular leaves us feeling empty. A society too religious leaves us dogmatically enslaved.

Perhaps, we can revisit religion’s deepest, most important truths, and reintegrate them into our lives as an antidote to chaos.

A blend, balance, the yin and yang. Like everything, it may be that duality of two constantly competing systems needed to best orient ourselves in the world.