Dear Bernie: Thanks, but…I’m done.
Boo Radley

I am with you, dude. I started out liking him, too. And you and I are not the only ones who lost all respect for him..

…But a funny thing happened on the way to Hillary getting nominated…

Back in March (Feb?) I started running into the smears from the Bernie Bots on comment streams. A LOT OF THEM. At Politico it was disgusting, at Washington Monthly pretty bad. None of them wanted or seemed capable of rational thought.

I chose to savage them instead of yielding the floor. I ripped into them, I called them every form of stupid imaginable, I took them to task for not having any intelligence or capacity to understand what was going on and that their candidate was getting his ass handed to them. Above all, I mocked the CRAP out of them.

I got some push back from Hillary people who were concerned about getting Sander votes in November. Nah. I don’t do the Tom Daschle bendover, and I don’t think the Hillary people should, either. I kept at them, and lo and behold, they ran away, fully at WaMo, my favorite - and it toned WAY down for a good while at Politico, too, but then I left eventually myself, and it seems to have come back a little, but no close to what it was.

I was TERRIFICALLY disappointed that Sanders’ support was so utterly devoid of political acumen. With all his college kids, that still makes no sense. They cannot BE that stupid and get degrees, can they? I am STILL yet to find one that can deal with the adding and subtracting of the “not rocket science” of delegate math.

Now, after all these weeks, I have realized that a LOT of that online was not Sanders people but GOP TROLLS who came in and spread the smears. I spotted several mentions of Benghazi, and that was a dead giveaway — no Democrat or independent gives a damn about Benghazi. That is strictly a GOP meme. So, SOME percentage of the garbage online coming at Hillary is straightforward GOP smears, wolves under the sheep’s clothing of Sanders bots. How much? The world will never know.

However, the GOP TROLLS do not excuse the actions of the Sanders people at the Nevada state convention, nor at Trump’s rallies. Those were and are ostensibly Sanders independents. However, we DO have to ask how difficult it would be for GOoPers to infiltrate Sanders’ movement and turn it into a GOP surrogate action committee. I suspect SOME of that has happened. (I am not not wearing a tin foil hat, either. — They are nasty operatives over there, and we should not “misremember” Karl Rove and things HE’S done in the past.)

We have to remember WHY the GOP smears Hillary: THEY FEAR HER.

And the great and delicious irony of it all is that — just as the GOP is collapsing into Trump “dominionism” - who is it that will ascend on their ashes? Hillary.

And who will preside over the Senate’s Nuclear Option, Phase II? So that SCOTUS seats can be filled? And who will appoint two more and maybe 3 or 4 more SCOTUS Justices?

Their lady demon herself.

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