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Faith Don’t Make It Easy…Faith Just Makes It Possible

It’s been a busy year for me. From taping episodes of Family Feud, Little Big Shots and my talk show…plus Miss Universe and my radio show, it’s safe to say my schedule is full. People ask me all the time…they say, “Steve, how do you do all the things you do in the course of a day?” Here’s the secret. I care about every minute of the day. I actually allocate every minute of the day and I have a plan. I recognize the night before…the week before…the month before the year before..two years before. I care about every minute of the day.

It’s been a grind and sometimes things get a little funky but God’s been good to me and I don’t take any of it for granted. Each day God wakes me up…it says to me that God ain’t through with me…that God still has a mission for me…and God still has blessings for me. I try my best to take advantage of the oppoutunities that God gave me each day he wakes me up. I’m thankful that He’s not through with me yet. My daddy used to tell me all the time… “Son, when you’ve think you’ve done all you can do, do a little bit more.” My father gave me all the tools I needed to be a man. That’s why I made sure to make the mission of my foundation to provide mentorship to young men who come from fatherless homes.

Inside The Steve And Marjorie Harvey Mentoring Camp

The Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation has been succesful in past years organizing camps in Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles and many other cities. Providing mentors to young boys who don’t have any male examples to look up to.

To raise money for these camps, I’ve done what a lot of celebrities do to raise money for their respective foundations…organizing Galas and bringing celebrities and entertainers together to raise money. Now this has been successful for me in the past but with my schedule, it became almost impossible to find a weekend that wasn’t already allocated for a taping of a TV show or a speaking engagement. I had to think of something to continue to raise money without adding another flight to my schedule. Plus, my core supporters can’t always make it to a Gala even though I know they want to help.

After Miss Universe…to be honest with you. I was really down. I was getting death threats man and I was in a real bad place. I knew I couldn’t stay in that place. On Christmas Day, I decided to put my twist on it and turn this whole thing around. After my “Merry Easter, Yall” post I really began to understand the power of social media and how it can change perceptions. At that same time, my social media team, Auteur87 released a behind the scenes video of something I do every day. I tell my live audience after taping each episode to JUMP.

57 Million watched this video on Facebook alone and 90,000 people have liked it on Twitter. So something I do everyday went viral and inspired millions? It was then I began to realize that I could change lives using social media doing what I do on a day to day basis.

Auteur87 had been experimenting with live video on Facebook, Periscope, and Youtube and using new technologies like Switcher Pro (which allows us to stream to Youtube with several iPhones acting as separate cameras) and I began to realize we could raise money and awareness for the foudation and talk directly to the people using these technologies. That is how the Charity Ride was born.

I’m spending four weeks during my radio show in the morning working out nonstop for four hours a day, alternating between the treadmill, elliptical machine and stationary bike during the live broadcast of “The Steve Harvey Morning Show” and I’m live streaming it all on Facebook, Periscope, and on my personal site,

Now, I’m not the biggest fan of social media. It’s rare that I’ll post or even take a selfie, but I’ve got to give my hat off to a new generation of millenials who are using these platforms to spread positivity. Guys like Charlamagne Tha God and Kevin Hart are two titans in this area, and they’ve really showed their support for this cause in particular…both not only taking time out of their schedule to call in during my morning show and donate but these guys and other celebrities like George Lopez, Deon Cole, and T.I. have all inspired me with their words to keep going.

I’m halfway through the 4 weeks of the ride and to be honest with you. It ain’t easy. Most days I wish I had never came up with this idea. My legs feel like spaghetti and my whole body aches when I’m done. After a break I turn around and tape 2–3 episodes of my talk show or Family Feud. Though my body wants me to quit, I remeber something my father always told me, “As a man, if you say you’re going to do something, you gotta do it.”

So far, we’ve raised over $400,000 but if I reach my goal of 1 million, I’ll be able to effectively quadruple the amount of boys I can bring to my camp.

Anything worth doing, usually ain’t going to be easy but I’m dedicated to these boys and doing everything I can to leave a legacy of care for our youth. I got faith my body is going to hold up and like I always say, “faith don’t make it easy, faith just makes it possible.”

I never had an aspiration to be an inspirational person but I have always asked God to make me a relevant person in my own way. I don’t want to be a cat that when I die..ain’t nobody tripping.

You know, theres three things…when a person dies on their tombstone…there’s the birthdate, there’s a dash…and there’s the date of your demise. Let me tell you something…when you die, they’re not going to talk about your birthdate, they’re not going to talk about the day you died…the biggest conversation will be about that dash..that little dash. That’s the life you lived. That dash will determine who you are. I’m trying to get the most out of this thing called life not only for me but for young men who didn’t have a father like my own, showing them the principles of manhood. To donate now you can text STEVE to 91999 and to learn more about my Charity Ride visit

— S.H.

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