Interesting experiment.
Benji Lampel

Another anecdote. Yesterday evening I was again quite tired, again because of little sleep (need to fix that), but this time I was driving. So I visualized “recording the choice” of taking caffeine and that seemed to get me past my hump and was able to play doubles beach volleyball at a near-peak level for me. Obviously only an anecdote with no control, but in any case the technique seems to have great optionality: big potential upside for minimal effort with limited downside.

As for hard physical addictions, if (big if) the technique allows you to cut back from 15 cigarettes per day to 13 cigarettes per day, then I’d consider that a good thing. Even a small change like that would be noticed because the act of recording the choice provides a quantified measure.

More powerful persuasion techniques could then be layered on top to possibly reduce the number down to 10 cigarettes per day, and after that, who knows? Things can snowball.